xxxxxxxx offers some of the finest backcountry fishing in the world. Access can be difficult, sometimes you need a boat as well as a good pair of boots, but the effort is worth it. It has long been a plan of mine to take a canoe and a tent and go and explore Lake xxxxxx's fiords (I have lots of these plans...) Parts of Fiordland can get 6-8 meters of rain per year. So if you expect rain you will probably not go disappointed.

Lake xxxxxx

This lake offers great trout fishing, and interestingly very few anglers actually bother fishing the lake. Excellent brown trout fishing can be had all around the lake edges, although for some of it you will need a boat. Rainbow trout fishing is good around most stream mouths.
Browns are best fished for using dries and nymphs. They can be stalked when light conditions are favorable. Leaded damsel nymphs can have dramatic results. The lake offers good fishing for boat owners too, especially if you are planning a longer trip. A multitude of small creeks enter the lake and all seem to hold their fair share of fish. Often the only problem is in finding them. However during flood conditions the entire lake can colour up. This can actually help you locate the creeks since they tend to run clear quite quickly.

The good ones contain trophy fish.

The xxxxxx River

There are several ways to fish this river:

One way is to walk the xxxxxx Track:
this scenic tramp takes four days. The track follows the xxxxxx river up to xxxxxxxx Pass and down the xxxxxx River (which also has some good fishing). In order to get to the start of the track you will need to book a boat trip. In order to get back from the finish you also have to take a boat. The huts are fairly basic and you must complete the trip in four days. So it's limiting, restrictive and a bit of a pain in the arse, but you will get some good fishing.

A better option is to take a tent and camp in the xxxxx Branch of the xxxxxx. So long as you do not camp within 500m of the track you are free to camp wherever you wish. This gives you the option to stay as long as you wish. In order to get to the track you will either have to book a boat, or alternatively climb in via xxxx xxxx (this is a challenging route which begins in the xxxxxxx Valley).

The xxxxx Branch of the xxxxxx has a gorgy section which levels out into some nice fishing higher up. The xxxxx provide good fishing. The xxxxx Branch, in my opinion, offers the best fishing. There is a lake (which was caused by a landslip) which has fantastic fishing.

The xxxxx

Another great river, but access is expensive, requiring either a chartered boat or a helicopter (of which you will probably meet unfortunately). Or canoe?

xxxxx River

The xxxxx River is a nice easy backcountry river and one to cut your teeth on before you go stomping off for weeks at a time, the lower reaches are fished hard by local guides and aren't worth bothering with, but higher up there is some great fishing to be had. About 3 hrs above the xxxxxxx hut on the xxxxx track you get to xxxxxx, where there is a xxxxxx and the xxxxx heads up into the hills. You can merrily follow the river in for a fair old way and have some fun with suicidal rainbows. The best thing about it is that no-one bothers (Alun Lovell)

The xxxxxxx River

This is an exceptionally attractive river. With long sweeping pools, everywhere you look you expect to see trout. However you might be disappointed. I have fished this river a few times through the catch-and-release section and haven't seen a fish!

I am told that there is some good fishing to be had, but it is not as good as it was. Is it ever?

The river mouth is suitable for stalking fish. Actually the picture I used on xxxxx is taken from the mouth of the xxxxxx.

The xxxxxxx River

Once this river had a high reputation. Now it appears that there are very few fish. But there is some great tramping hereabouts (you can walk through to xxxxx from here, into xxxxx).

The xxxxxxx River

A small river close to xxxxx. The upper reaches provide some good boots and shorts fishing. However one rather unusual feature of this river is it's Atlantic salmon run. Not many people know about it, but if you fish the river in late March / early April you may well come across a small run of these fish. Try rabbit lures!

The mouth also has it's fair share of fishing opportunities.

The xxxxx River

Flowing out from xxxx is this river.

I'm particularly fond of this river because it is one of the few rivers I have fished in NZ with a proper evening rise. A good sedge hatch right on dark and beyond virtually guarantees sport. Enter skated sedge.

The opposite bank (the xxxxx one as opposed to the xxxxx one) has some good access points. From this side it is possible to get good daytime fishing. Use intermediate lines and small goldhead nymphs. Waders help because this water is cold.

Lake xxxxxx

Good fishing, but foot access is poor. Ironically this one is is Mystery Lake X where I lost my hat.