I've been taking Sexyloops through some changes recently, trying to find new ways of doing things as well as tightening up the delivery format. I'm still going down this line, since with this summers transexualisation (you had to be there) pages have all sorts of different layouts and widths and experiments - Paul

The Regular Features
Sexyloops has four regular weekly columnists all delivering something different:
04/11 The Sexyloops Newsletter - Paul Arden
03/11 Wheels on Fire - Sean Geer
01/11 The First Fly - Ben Spinks
30/10 Grayling - Mike Connor

The Contents Page
19/10 It was several lifetime's work in production and we've probably forgotten something important - like what we're doing here: The Dragon

04/11 Even more pages added in Spanish. See the Contents page!!
03/11 More pages added in Spanish. See the Contents page!!
02/11 ContentsThe first pages in Spanish!
24/10 The Master Blaster - hang on to those shorts!
22/10 Sexy picture added to backcasting page

22/10 Carl reviews the Redington GD Reel
18/10 Viking Lars reviews the William Joseph "Emerger"

The current POD theme The (Viking) Adventure folder is now live
30/10 The Adventure

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