Ht pro 9ft 7wt

Ht pro 9ft 7wt




Originally the blank was designed with the requirements of the IFF MCI exam in mind, which of course makes it an all-around great fishing rod! I can think of two particular locations where this might indeed be the ideal flyrod, one is imaginary sea-trout fishing on the Baltic Coast and the other would be bashing trout streamers down and across. I tested it by fishing poppers for Giant Snakehead and size 10 dries for Giant Gourami in the Jungle - so you're not going to have any problems fighting fish that is for sure!

There certainly is a gap between HT6 and HT8 and this very nicely fills it. I recommend a fly line that is spot-on AFFTA for this rod (that's what the AFFTA/AFTM system is supposed to be about!). 

You have complete custom build options, you can change the whippings, grip, put your name on the rod, have a wooden spacer, there is a choice of camo, black or gay camo rod socks. Just email me your requirments. 

It's also possible to fit this rod with Titanium Torzite rings. These rings are bullet-proof and slick as hell. I fit them on most of my rods nowadays - at least the ones that are stiff enough. The standard build is with Recoil rings, an H&H tip top and Fuji SIC/Titanium strippers. Titanium Torzite rings adds an additional 100USD to the price. Email me if you want to learn more or wish to order this option -


9ft 4-piece 7-wt rod.
Matt stealth finish. 
Finest Portuguese cork.
REC Recoils, Titanium Stripping Guide (Titanium Torzites can be fitted for an extra 100USD)
Sexyloops tube and sock.

Here is some more info about rings and fly lines for this rod. And here is a FP on rod/line flash.

Paul's Comments

All of our fishing rods are matte finish. This is so that you don't spook fish. There is a link to the left that leads to a FP on spooking fish with gloss. Do feel free to get in touch with me to discuss rods/ casting/ life in general. There is a lot of BS in the trade, particularly when it comes to marketing. I don't believe that rod technology moves so quickly that you need to replace your rods every few years. I think that's nonsense and believe/know that we can make flyrods that will give you a lifetime of pleasure. If not a lifetime then certainly 20 years or more. I would be very happy to fish with the rods that we are currently producing for the rest of my life, and expect to. But who knows what the future holds? Certainly I think that the current trend to manufacture very stiff rods, that are coupled with lines that are heavier than AFFTA standard makes no sense whatsoever and we most certainly don't do that. These are fishing rods and I catch most of my fish within a few rod lengths, and so, whatever else it needs, a rod must have feel up close!

995 USD