Ht instructor 9ft 7wt




After repeated requests and several years in development we have designed and produced an Instructors' 7WT HT Rod with the IFF CI and MCI tests in mind. Comfortable and accurate with plenty of up-close feel, but plenty of backbone and speed for distance casts. You might be wondering if a 6 or 7WT rod is better for you? Well that's entirely up to you, there is no question however that the 7WT makes the IFF test casting requirements easier to achieve. Here is some discussion on the matter. This rod was primarily developed with the SA MED7, but also tested with Ballistic Pro 7 since I know many of you are using this line.

As you can see we do lots of custom work, from fitting different grips, spacers for the reel fittings, rings, your name or school and any colour whippings you want. In the case of a misadventure we will replace sections for the current price of 70GBP plus shipping. Tips can be posted straight out. Other sections will require the rod (or ferrules of the broken section) to be returned to our factory.

All HT owners will have the joy of a free casting lesson from me to look forward to if/when we meet up - as I hope we will at some point! - and I regularly go through instructor theory via email for all HT owners.


9ft 4-piece 7-wt rod.
High Gloss White finish. 
Finest Portuguese cork.
H&H Single legs, Titanium Stripping Guide
Sexyloops tube and sock.

PLEASE NOTE: with this rod you have the option of fitting Torzite Titanium rings. This will cost an extra 100USD. I find these rings too heavy for the 6WT HT, but with the extra stiffness and weight that the HT7 blank brings the Torzites work excellently.

Please email me any questions you have, also note well, if you are an insructor or a guide we have a pro scheme. My email address is

Paul's Comments

This really is a cracking rod and I'm delighted with the outcome. I ran through the MCI performance tasks with the HT7 and HT6 using MED7 and MED6 lines respectively. I am of the opinion that you should be able to pass these exams with a 6 or even 5WT line. I know that the 75' and 85' distance requirements are a struggle for some, but I would rather teach you to throw consistently over 100' so that you can in turn teach this to students. This 7WT will throw a MED7 right through the 140s in the right hands, so 100' should really be no problem! It will take some work and I can help via email and video.

995 USD