Thunderbolt Instructor 6WT

Thunderbolt instructor 6wt




Firstly I'd like you to note that I would like to sell these lines without the packaging. I sold a lumi-line to a friend recently and the the first thing he did was throw the box and the spool in the bin. What a waste! (I picked it out later). If you don't have a line-winder, or an old fly line spool from a previous purchase, then it's quite possible to unroll the line using a rolled up fly fishing magazine. If you want the box and spool - maybe it's a present to a loved one? - and it certainly *looks* better presented in a box, then for an extra 5USD I'll send you one nicely packaged. Consequently I've dropped 5USD from our sales price of this product - if you would like the presentation box then please email me on 

This is a long belly 6WT flyline, in orange, on the stiff side for better shooting. It is the same taper as the TCR line - it has a long rear taper which means that it's more user-friendly to various carry lengths. It's bright orarge for teaching (and fly casting exams). Slightly shorter in the head than the MED that you may know well, but without the compound front taper. It's more fishing friendly and rolls and Speys beautifully with longer pickups.

The price you see is the price you pay and includes all world-wide shipping costs.



Tip 0.5'
Front Taper 5.5'
Belly 36.5'
Rear Taper 15'
Head Length 57.5'
Running Line 52.5'
Total Length 110'

Paul's Comments

PLEASE NOTE: You must stretch this line for it to behave in any way that you would want, and then it will be fantastic. For instructors I suggest that you don't, at first, and try casting it unstretched - something to be learned here. Then, having done this, give the line a bloody good long stretch against a tree (or a student's ankle). Once you've stretched it once then you won't have to stretch it again for at least a week - and possibly never at all if you cast it daily. This is my favourite all-round line. Perfect for the Hot Torpedo Instructor rod! Many of the videos on Sexyloops have been shot with the 5WT version. It's very fishable, apart from the colour.

84 USD