EVO Photo Copper

Evo photo copper




The photochromic copper lens is a high contrast copper bronze.  This lens is photochromic so it darkens or lightens constantly changing to suit the on ambient light conditions. This lens has been developed to give the highest quality, with our Four Colour Filter: Our four-colour integrated polarising filter system is in-between the lenses: we have green which retains colour, yellow which gives sharp contrast when ambient light is low, brown and copper mix to give high definition in fresh water and salt water conditions.  The Photochromic Copper can be comfortably worn all day in all light conditions the Clarity is overwhelming.


*VLT 19% to 14% Visual Light Transmittance

All Tonic Eyewear frames are made from TR90 Grilamid optical grade material.  They are all tough and lightweight.  Our frames are designed to be comfortable and optimise block out of sunlight.  Any non TR90 components are nickel or stainless steel to prevent rusting.  Currently our range features high gloss black, matt black and high gloss tortoise shell designs.


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Please note: while shipping is included in the price, currently we mail these from Malaysia!

200 USD