Mahseer Invisibility Shirt

Mahseer invisibility shirt




The Sexyloops micro-fibre Stealth Shirt for climate control, stealth fishing and general wear! Please refer closely to the size chart to the right, these shirts are manufactured in Malaysia and the sizes might be slightly different than you expect - for example you might be one size larger than you thought. Please also note that we manufacture these shirts to order, so delivery times will be 4-6 weeks (there is insufficient room on Paul's boat to carry stock!). Price includes world-wide shipping. Your name can appear over the left chest area for an extra 3USD only - please get in touch with me on to discuss this option.


Size    Shoulder   Chest    Sleeve

XS         15"           36"        20"
S           16"           38"        21"
M          17"           40"        22"
L           18"           42"        23"
XL         19"           44"        24"
2XL       20"           46"        25"
3XL       21"           48"        26"

Paul's Comments

This is a wonderful shirt that was designed by a friend of mine. We can manufacture the shirts as large as you want; the continuation of sizing chart is pretty self-explanatory.

60 USD