SHOOT is a silicone blend suitable for all fly lines, monofilament shooting lines, and even for floating dry flies. Squirt a few drops directly to the spooled line or pull the line through a SHOOT-dampened micro-fibre cloth. Delivers faster hauling, longer smoother shoots and prolongs your fly line's life.

Please note we are currently working on making SHOOT available in much bigger bottles.


Name: Shoot
Packaging: Plastic bottle
Usage: Directly on line

Made in the UK



Paul's Comments

My good friend, Sasha, first discovered this. Every time I cast one of his lines I commented on how slick they felt, he told me of a particular silicone blend and I would immediately forget about it until the next time we fished together. After the tenth - or maybe the hundredth - time I finally contacted the UK manufacturers and asked about it; was it good for fly lines? It turns out, that while the blend was originally for the Carp fishing world, the owner is also a tropical SW fly angler and he's been using it on fly lines for years.

7.5 GBP
Not available.