HT PRO 9ft 6wt

Ht pro 9ft 6wt




This is the rod for when you are fishing a wide spectrum of flies from smallish imitations to mid-weight streamers and nymphs - i.e. from size #16 dry to #8 tungsten nymph.  It is an all-round performance fly rod. This means that  it's very effective for throwing short accurate overhead and roll casts, as well as the complete range of presentation casts and, at the other end of our fishing requirements, can be used to present flies a very long way. It has a robust butt section too, which is useful for playing large trout. The four sections make it the ideal travel companion and of course the matt finish makes it stealthy enough for catching spooky fish.


9ft 4-piece 6-wt rod.
Matt stealth finish.
Finest Portuguese cork.
REC Recoils, Titanium Stripping Guide
Sexyloops tube and sock.

Action Angle 70°
Stiffness 142.1g
Weight 96.5g

Paul's Comments

Nine foot 6-weight has been my main fishing rod for over 25 years. Of all trout rods I think it has to have the greatest versatility if it's to be the work-horse. When travelling a rod such as this can reasonably be expected to catch 6-10lb trout, so it has to be strong as well as excelling in delicate casting performance. 18 seasons of backcountry NZ fishing has gone into the design of this all-round fishing rod.

995 USD