world gone crazy

world gone crazy

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 20 March 2020

It took only few days and everything stopped. Last week I was watching news and following how things will go. I was doing my army rehearsel training. I was a bit worry that something like this will come but never still believed it will happen like this. Starting from Friday we start to get emails and calls where groups were cancelled. Monday our goverment had briefing. It was clear that season will end. Finland has closed borders with many other countries. It is understanable more or less but…..

People started to empty shops last week from toilet paper. I heard that has happen in all the countries. Note if you need 144 rolls of toilet paper for two weeks, you probably should have met your doctor much much earlier than this covid came.

People are buying cheapest macaroni and canned food (like tuna) and all the shells are empty. Note in your country there is probably people who always have to buy that cheap food to get something to eat for their family. And still you are doing shopping afterwards like you wouldn’t have anything to eat at home.

In many countries goverments gave recomentation that people should avoid public places and stay home. Note everyone rushed to public places and now in some places you might get ticket for going out.

Schools are closed and most of the people are working from home office with kids. it is not extra holiday. Please don’t go on your cottage or cabins in small city to have ”holiday”. You might bring that fucking corona (not the beer) and small village get sick. Example.. Here in Finland people from south are coming still to Lappland, going skiing ,next hospital is 200 km. Hospitals have normally capasity for permant citizens in case like this and because that fucking disease is everywhere they can’t have support from other places. Note your grandparents were sent to war, you can stay at home 2 weeks.

Many small local business have problems now. There is no customers and especially ones which are working around tourism have issues. For example our calender was full until last week of April and now there is nothing. Also there has been lot cancellation for fishing guiding on coming summer, over reacted, maybe but that is how we people easily do or then we don’t react at all. Note your local small shop, barber etc might have big financial problems now, buy a gift card and use it later. After this covid have a extra holiday in your home country, use restaurants and small hotels. Big companies will survive anyway. And if you have planned trip for summer do it anyway if borders etc are open. There is lot of people who have died at home.

Unfortunaly there is no medicine for stupidy. I often say that when you make mistake that at first time you didn’t know, that is okay. When you make same mistake second time you are still learning but you are kind of idiot. On third time you are just stupid and there is nothing you can do about it if you are not willing to learn from mistake. Maybe this is mother nature’s medicine for that. Cruel, yes but true.

Stay home, tie flies and go fishing when borders are open again.

Mika from Finland

Ps. this is first time ever that borders are closed, even between Finland and Sweden they are doing border control and that border is most open border in the world normally.