Winter Colours

Winter Colours

Martyn White | Thursday, 8 December 2022

Winter has finally arrived, there's snow and ice in the mountains and as I look at the weather, I'm a bit less bitter about the lack of boat availability.

The clear cold days have ushered in some good carp fishing though. The fish get a bit less spooky, especially my local fish that can be real dicks in the warmer seasons. So I've been out taking advantage of it. The low sun means that the window for sight fishing is a bit short-on Monday the good light was only from about 10am - 2pm with things going right out of the window by half past.
It's not so bad though, it means you can take your time over breakfast as there's not much point in arriving early.

The cold weather often means that bright flies are the go. This last couple of weeks have shown this to be true again. Although I've not been catching any big fish, I've been battering them on a couple of flies. I had 13 fish in about 3 hours on Monday, on a fluoro pink scruffy bug and the week before a dozen fish mostly on the scruffy bug, with a couple on a fire orange woolly worm. The more natural patterns didn't get a look in.
Obviously more natural stuff will work, but with low light it's far easier for you (and the fish) to track the fly. I reckon it's pretty important that you go with a fluorescent tone rather than just bright, at this time of year when the light is a bit dull, the UV end of the spectrum is most intense longest of the wavelenghts so it does make a difference to the visibility of the fly. You can see for your self, just take a fluo and non fluo fly out when the light is not yet good or coming off of being good and see which is most visible-an overcast day in winter is probably the most stark difference, but it holds true all year. Actually, I think a lot of people are far too conservative in colour choice for carp all year, but it's especially true in winter. If I could get away with it, I'd be fishing bright attractor patterns all year!

Scruffy bug
Hook: short shank boily hook size 6
Tail: fluoro pink marabou
Body: fluoro pink seal fur or similar with a bit of ice dubb mixed in. Brush the dubbing out on the hook gap side.
Weight: bead chain or dumbbells

Obviously you can mix and match the colours. If an all fluoro fly is too much for you, or the fish then keep the tail bright and make the body a more natural tone.