Why fly when you can drive?

Why fly when you can drive?

Paul Arden | Monday, 25 July 2016

Those of you who know me will know that I am not very well organised - with me that's more of philosophy than a religion. Organisation is the antithesis of spontaneity, originality and adventure - everything we strike or strive for in life. It's much better to be unstructured, for then life will gift you the bounty of chance, unique encounters that lead you on to a greater appreciation of yourself, a wonderment about universal chaos and of course you get to fish some really cool places.

And so it is, that next week, I will not be hanging around, wishing my time away, while waiting for a "flight to Moscow and then on to Murmansk" - oh no - I have something far more exciting lined up. Instead, Ashly and I are going to drive from England, via Sweden (and some other countries) to the Kola Peninsular... and then, after a week of AMAZING fly fishing (and casting training), we will drive from Murmansk to Estonia (via Finland) to the Flycasting World Championships, and finally, with medals in our pockets, around our necks and danging in the wind, onwards to Hungary for the rest of the season and the inspiring Sexyloops "Mermaid in every bottle" Wine Harvest.

But the first thing I have to do is buy a car. And I have to do this today.

What a lucky woman Ashly is. How lucky for her to have met a spontaneous man like me.

Anyway, enough of my musing. Tomorrow I buy a truck, good enough for at least 5000 miles. Friday, Ashly and I start driving to Russia (41 Google Hours). If you're on the route (many of you are) then drop me a line and we can try to meet for a handshake, cast, coffee and/or beer depending on the time of day or night. 

This trip has been inspired by Anvar's trip from Murmansk to the World Championships in Norway two years ago (the photos that didn't include the car crash). 

Have a great week. I hope yours is hectic too! Life, I've realised, is about long fishing moments interspersed by periods of intense hectic activity. But mostly it's all about the adventure.


PS If you want a hectic week like mine, then now is the time to decide to come to the Kola. If I can get there by next Tuesday then you can too!