Whilte Walker Walks Again...

Whilte Walker Walks Again...

Viking Lars | Saturday, 31 March 2018

Usually cold weather doesn't bother me much, but bitterly cold, easterly winds have kept me fra going fishing the last few days. It's been blowing unusally much from the east this Easter (hmm, east - easter - a connection?) and many of the spots enjoy fishing the most are no good in easterly winds.

I've been tying flies, editing video for the Ahrex Hooks YouTube channel (here's the latest: Gartside's Sparrow), cutting a couple of shooting heads, both for my 9' 6-wt and my 12'6" DH-rod (salmon season is around the corner). I've also done the first bit of research and reached out to a couple of key figures in what will (hopefully) become my first, larger article on Sexyloops in a while. I won't divulge the subject in case it doesn't come togehter.

Paul has released his new Sexyloops LumiLines, this time a double taper 6-wt. Double taper to make fatter flyline that'll hold more glow-in-dark-secret-sauce, so it'll be more visible and glow for a longer time, I suspect. I actually dug out my old Thunderbolt LumiLine and charged it up with a 10w UV-lamp. That really did make it glow more than it ever did before, but still, it's not that visible. Still - very fun to cast (especially with a glow-in-the-dark-fly - more on those on another FP). Paul also points out that these lines really are a great teching tool, because in pitch black, all you see is the line, and that means there's nothing else to concentrate on and to divert your attention. I've only taught with the LumiLine once, but I've had lots of fun with it. I have two of the new DTs coming and I really look forward to flying them - one will of course be chopeed into two shooting heads.

I've tied lots of flies and one I'm particularly looking forward to fishing with is the White Walker Sandeel. I did the White Walker pikefly a few weeks ago, and that white/blue theme quick migrated over to a sand eel fly. This one's white Craft Fur and glow-in-the-dark (see, a theme) flash, so it's *very* fluorescent. The Pro Attitude Eyes don't come in blue. I've dyed them with a marker and sealed the paint/strenghtened the eye with Pro UV Resin. I really don't think the colour makes much difference, but it keeps the fly in a cool, cold White Walker-theme, and I like it. Next up in the vice are some humble palmerflies for the sea trout and then just a good ahndful or two of salmon flies for the comiong season. The boxes are in good shape, but a few patterns need a refill.

Have a great weekend!