Wedding in our backyard

Wedding in our backyard

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 29 October 2017

What a nice suprise! When we came home from hunting this week we saw that there are two small browns in our backyard preparing for their wedding. They had already built quite a nice spawning place and what a nice picture to see them staying fin-to-fin together getting ready for the big moment! A little bit further upstreams already the next spawning place, that gives hope for the future because our rivers are in a really bad condition... many reasons such as hydroelectric power and stupid laws.

Natural baits are allowed everywhere, catch and release is forbidden and last but not least the "take home quote" is six brown trout a day... Only 13 of our natural 55 species are not in danger and that's only because those are the fish people don't like in their kitchen - such as bream, chub and carp. But there is also a change coming, a lot of people are doing a great job protecting and cleaning our water. Like a group of divers, they bring up rubbish from the lake ground every weekend Smile

I do a great job to protect our wedding couple and spook the heron every day. It's a little bit like going to a cinema to watch these 2 fish and I'm looking forward to see the small ones, somewhen.

By the way, if you ever thinking about feeding a heron by hand don't do it! I know what I'm talking about... It's already been a few years since we went on our boat for New Year's Eve. The next morning we had a guest on the boat. A nice bream for him was caught quite quickly and then he was faster than I thought Wink
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