Viking Lars | Saturday, 3 December 2022

It’s winter and for many in the northern hemisphere that means it’s time for something else than fly fishing. Further north that me in Denmark, it’s so cold that you definitely can’t fly fish and that another matter. But here in Denmark, that rarely happens and if it does, only for shorter periods of time. That means that we can fly fish year round, unless species are protected for spawning etc. sea trout in the salt and pike and perch fishing is loss I left. But many choose to stay home as they don’t like the cold, particularly in combination with rain, sleet or snow.

I like it - in fact poor conditions motivate me. That not only goes when fly fishing, but in other outdoor activities as well - for me, either cycling or field archaeology. I’m not sure why it is so. Maybe it’s because the fishing definitely is harder an the reward subsequently so much more satisfying. Maybe it’s simply rewarding to “endure” a day out in it self in the cold or rain?

It all about that old saying - there is no bad weather, only poor choice of clothing. Proper wind proof and rain proof outerwear, with the proper insulation layers (note layers, plural). I love the feeling of being warm and comfortable in the cold, rain or snow.

It’s also a matter of how you behave. Everyone knows that staying active makes it easier to stay warm. Remember to get out of the water every now and then, maybe for a brisk walk up and down the beach. Eat properly - in the cold you expend quite a lot of calories. A flask with warm ciffee and a food-specific flask with a hot email. Maybe bring a burner and a kettle and make both fresh.

The feet are the hardest to keep warm, I actually have a separate pair of wading boots, one size larger than normal - and it’s a roomy model. Thin liner socks and a really thick pair of outer socks. And finally, don’t insist on a full day out if you don’t want to or get cold. And one final-final point: Resist the temptation of getting in the car to get warm. It’s hard to get again and often you end up colder. If you get in the car, remember to take off as much clothes as it makes sense. The point is, if you don’t, you’ll sweat a little and that cools you down when you get out.

Have a great weekend!


PoD: Not exact showing cold was such, but I think you can see that I’m wearing warm clothing. It’s from a near-frost day on Rügen - Bernd’s territory.