Watch the wombats 2

Watch the wombats 2

George Drew | Friday, 2 June 2023

The morning of day three we woke to another still, icy morning, in for another blue sky day. We packed down camp and started to plan the day out, we made the decision to walk around one of the main lakes, thinking it would be the fastest route. It started out well, easy walking for the first couple kilometers because the lake was so low. As we made our way further up the lake we started to run into cliffs and thick pencil pine forests. I still don’t know why we didn’t think to make another plan, because it was like this the whole day, up and down cliffs and the occasional swim.

In the arvo, we finally made it out to one of the lakes we wanted to fish.

We got to the lake edge and saw the water was churned up, we were so disheartened and just powered our way out to make camp. On the way we had a quick rest at one of the huts. So exhausted we threw our packs down and took our shirts off, it was so hot!! After our break we kept on going and made a spot for camp, being late in the arvo, we had a one last shot at a bit of sight fishing. We made our way up a little creek, we got to a big pool and there was a fish jumping for black spinners, we were in!

Zac set up straight away and put his cast in, the fish charged over and smashed it! It was a great fight in such a small pool. We made our way up the creek a bit further, not having any more luck so we headed back to camp for a nice rum. The next morning we packed up and made the long trip out, walking the road out to Augusta where I left my car. We made it back to the car and cracked straight into a well earnt cold beer!!