Flycasting Shots of Snakehead

Flycasting Shots of Snakehead

Tracy&James | Thursday, 1 March 2018

I'm filling in for James and Tracy this week, having just returned from a trip down the lake. I managed one Snakehead (which will feature on Monday's FP!) and had a good look for Gourami. There are numerous Cicada around - a different species from the past two years I believe, since these are larger and darker in appearance. This will see Piffen and I tying flies around the evening campfire no doubt! However while I can hear them I've so far only seen one on the water surface. I think what is required is some very strong afternoon winds to tip them into the lake.

So what this all means is that when Piffen arrives we shall investigate the far south of the lake to see what is going on there. It usually takes a few weeks or more to figure out what the fish are up to and where they are. But since this is babies time of the year we will spend most of our time hunting the adults. The free-risers come later in the year.

It's really great to be back - it's funny, while I was fishing in Tasmania for trout, my mind was on Snakehead and Gourami, wondering what they were up to and how different parts of the lake was fishing. And now that I'm here I'm still wondering the same things! 

In my opinion this is the finest fly fishing on the planet. It's tough, by God it's tough, but with three entirely diverse species, in this incredible environment, one offering the most technical casting shots imaginable and another offering an immense challenge to fool let alone land, it's not surprising that Malaysia has me completely absorbed in fly fishing.

One good fish a day, in the boat - that is the Snakehead/Gourami challenge, and you are doing bloody well to manage this. Hang on, that is what I try to achieve with my current skill set. There are many times when I fail even this. There are of course times when I fare better than; two Gourami in a day, four Snakehead - these results are not uncommon although on separate days!

One fish on your first visit is damned good going. So far only Ronan and Flavio have accomplished this feat. This is the challenge that Piffen soon faces, but with two weeks and a winter of casting practise under his belt I have a feeling that he is going to do well.

If you are thinking of a visit then please practise the above video. If you can't make the slipped-lift PUALD shooting shot (let's just call it the "Snakehead Shot"!) then you are not going to catch many fish. If you can then you are in the game.

I'm back on Monday with a longer FP!

Cheers,  Paul