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VR fishing

VR fishing

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 5 February 2021

In autumn we had short ”holiday”, which just means that we were not at the farm all the time. Satu booked VR room for us. It was kind of mind blowing thing. Everyone knows 3D movies etc but I was suprise how VR can fuck up your mind. I was playing roller coaster ride, when carriage started to ”drop” and go down fast….. I felt like really dropping even my brains told me that I’m standing in the floor. I had to take few side steps to stay up. Satu played whole hour some dancing game, two days after that, she ways saying that feets are hurting still. So it was good exercise. I played mostly some shooting game because there was no fishing game to play.

Anyway we got hooked little bit and bought VR glasses to our PS4. We agreed that it is Christmas present to whole family but mostly Satu and I have been playing. Now when it has been extremely slow winter season, I have had more time to miss fly fishing and summer. And I found myself thinking what if.

There would be fishing game with VR glasses. It would be quite easy to ”make rod” from motion controller, add reel and ”piece” of line that you could use it like a rod- reel combination. It would be possible to make casting training, distance, accuracy and fishing. It would be possible to make it really realistic with casting and how to keep line up, loops etc. Just need to have some programming and specials to tell how it would go in real life.  That could be like traininig mode.

In fishing mode you would have rivers and lakes with different kind of fishes. You should select right flies or maybe even tie flies you think you need. It would depend about time of the year etc. Yes I know that there are fishing games where you can do these things but… (remember everything before but is a lie). On those you use mouse or some other controller to handle the rod, or it is something like just aim and hit button.

This game would take you as close real thing as possible. With VR glasses surrounding would be more realistic and fishing would be ”real”. You could wade in the rivers and all that kind of things. I think it could be really interesting game. It wouldn’t beat the real thing but during this Covid shit it would be something what could keep you alive. And for me these long winters would be shorter ones. Beside you could do casting training inside.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing for real if you can

Mika from Finland

Ps. If someone will make this game I want free copy. By the way roof is ready in shed.