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Universal Flies

Universal Flies

Viking Lars | Saturday, 26 March 2022

There are some flies that are just iconic - as much as I dislike using that term, since everything remotely know by more than six people seems to be iconic these days. Some flies that not only are truly universal across multiple species and environments, but also know by just about all flyfishers.

One of those is Bob Clouser’s Clouser Minnow. My friends at Ahrex Hooks launched a new hook, the Ahrex SA 210 Bob Clouser Signature. Developed with the man himself to suit first and foremost his legendary fly, but it’s of course useful for just about any application one can imagine.

So of course I needed to tie some Clouser Minnows. When I began fishing the salt 30 years ago, a Clouser Minnow was impossible to get around (not that there was any reason to), so I had them in my box - and they caught fish. Slowly they were pushed out by other flies, but when this hook came out, I came to think about what a great fly it really is.

It’s easy to tie, takes about 5 minutes, uses only a hook, thread, a set of dumbbell eyes and buck tail (flash if you want it). And tied properly it very durable.

The colour variations are only limited by the colours of buck tail available and the fly can be tied on anything from a size 10/1 inch long fly and a 4/0 and 7 inch long fly. You can adjust how fast it sinks by using dumbbells of different sizes and materials, even if Bob Clouser himself says that they are mainly there for imparting the jigging motion to the fly.

If you fish for any predatory specfies that feed on other fish, the Clouser Minnow should be on your mind.

Have a great weekend!