Underlining for fast shots

Underlining for fast shots

Paul Arden | Monday, 11 January 2021

I thought my comment in the Hot Torpedo Owner’s Club would get a reaction! You see I often read that “heavier lines load the rod quicker for fast shots”, which is something I fundamentally disagree with and I believe relates back to the mistaken idea that a fly rod is simply a Big Spring. Instead, I’m of the opinion that a stiff rod (less bend) is quicker to cast than a soft rod (more bend) and as a consequence underlining is what we should be doing for fast shots (with a given rod). And that’s what I do do by the way. Lines that are 1/2WT heavier than AFFTA I use half weight lighter for Snakehead shots - we have 1 max 2 seconds to deliver the fly, (usually 1). And while I’ve done a lot of experimenting in this regards I haven’t filmed it.

With heavy lines I feel I have to slow the stroke, widen the arc and wait for the rod to unload and do its thing. In other words it’s a tortoise! Another example, on the other end of the scale, is the Italian TLT casters who underline by a couple of line weights and generate exceptionally high line speeds or indeed the World Championships casters who underline by 5 line weights or more for distance.

Anyway, Lasse and I will make some exciting videos this week (he may already have done so). Indeed I have a number of videos to make; PUALD shots from 6-16m and false casting with a 60’ carry, using the HT6 with 4 and 8WT lines back-to-back for comparison.


I also need to enter James and Zhongxiang’s 5WT PUALD challenge (I actually have the correct line with me now!). I have left handed casts to make from the roof of the boat, for maximum carry with the lumiline and a bucket on my head. And finally, I will make some videos showing at least one of the HT rods in action, filmed by drone. So basically this is Video Week!


Rumours are that we may be about to have movement control restrictions imposed upon us again, here in Malaysia, so Ashly and I are heading to a remote part of the jungle lake for the first part of the week. There is no Internet there and we will only know what is happening elsewhere when we return. There are Snakehead around at the moment and the lake is at maximum level so I hope for some great fishing!


Talking of which – Bernd it’s 11th Jan. That means 11 days of fishing so far. Just saying.


Incidentally if you are stuck at home in lockdown (although fishing on your own I believe is allowed in most places, as it should be) something you might want to consider is building your own Hot Torpedo rod. We sell blanks for 300GBP (comes with decals). Cork grips are 10GBP. Sexyloops Rod Tubes are 30GBP. Rod Sock is 5GBP. Worldwide shipping 20GBP. We don’t sell the other components and you’ll have to source these. The items that we do sell with the blank are pretty much at cost and so only available at this price with a HT blank purchase. You’ll have to order through me on paul@sexyloops.com


If you are in the UK looking for components then Hopkins and Holloway are a major supplier to the trade and public. https://www.guidesnblanks.com/


In the USA look to REC Components. https://reelseats.com/ Both the above companies we can recommend and we’ve had an excellent relationship with both for about 10 years.


Last but most certainly not least, my wife Ashly is doing some research. It would be much appreciated if you would take 20-30 seconds to fill out this form for a project she is researching:



Many thanks!!!!