tz fishing for babies

tz fishing for babies

t.z. | Friday, 7 July 2017

Denmark should have the perfect weather in Europe. It´s right in the middle between the middle European oven and the Scandinavian freezer. I am in the freezer right now. It´s sunny and windy during the day and cold (deadly cold in Pauls book. However, it´s much warmer in the very north. So I am heading further north.

Last night it was 4 C - plus at least, which is a plus. Otherwise it would have been ice fishing. :-)

Heartwarming though was the experience of casting my HT4 … I just bought a new line - a Rio Trout in 4. I was enjoying casting and catching tiny trout so much that I could not make out why the line felt so stiff … well, I guess it´s not made for 4 degrees C. 

For technical reasons I mention that the "dyret" fly did the trick. 

So the fishing was “boring” from a brag-about-fishes point of view. but sorry folks. I could not care less. I am having the time of my life driving around in the most beautiful places and on top catching a fish or two. 

However, transporting a 9ft rod on a motorcycle is not that easy. So - excuse me but I have to confess - bought a six piece rod  for a 6wt designed by Chris Rownes, an English-Swiss ballet dancer. Fantastic tool. Really. I used last year for pretty much all my fishing. But - on the last Bellyboat trip I used the HT4 again … and oh boy … it was like coming home. So in aftermath I changed the packaging system for the bike and modified the too long rod tube to a more manageable size. I am so happy I did … might sell the ballet dancer rod actually — anybody fancy a Guideline 6wt 6pc? … if only for the reason of fishing a really really good rod and than coming back to a brilliant rod like the HT? Sorry, I know classified should not be on the FP. I hope Paul doesn´t mind. 

Back to video … I got a cow on video - not that this is related greatly, but much more fun than see me fishing for toddler trout.