two nice birds!

two nice birds!

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 18 March 2018

At the moment I'm still quite busy with getting my hunting license, but there are also good things about! We had a lot of work to do with the local wildlife police and so I finally got two beautiful birds that you normally don't get. Of course I had to fill out papers and it's all legal that I have this birds. The owl found not enough food and sadly died but the bird was in that good condition that I decided to let her preparation (not sure how you say that in English) but soon she will have a space in my flytying room and will sit next to me.

The Heron had a accident and directly goes to my flytying material. Was quite a lot of work to get all the feathers :) 


Beside I was really really busy with a lot of fly orders, and getting my really small fly-webshop ready. So here a few flies.

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