Triangles, Grips and Engagement Rings

Triangles, Grips and Engagement Rings

Paul Arden | Monday, 16 October 2017

Firstly a big congratulations to Stuntman Ronan and Iza for getting engaged!!

Now, sometime during the middle of last week I uploaded a video on the importance of the Loop. Due next is the Grip and Lee's Triangle Method which are live today. I'm currently working on more videos and their respective pages at the moment. The more advanced stuff is coming! All up there are 64 videos, so it's quite a lot of work. I must thank Lena for helping me out moving videos around and uploading them to Vimeo. It saves me a very great deal of time - Jungle Internet is not all it's cracked up to be around here.

Hopefully you'll find these useful and especially the attached notes, forthcoming practise drills and links around the site, to both the original Flycasting Manual as well as other pages when appropriate. You will notice that at the end of every lesson there is a link to the Board. Please do ask questions, for it make our lives more interesting as well as allows me to see where pages can be improved.

Here at Belum, I still have problems with my Yamaha 30 which is becoming a bit of a drag. Anyway the carrying it up and down the stairs and carting it off to town is good fitness training, which is just as well because my sister has booked us both of into a Half Ironman event in Portugal next September! It's a year away but I've already started training - and am finding it very hard at the moment, but I'm sure by the end of the Wet Season I'll be pretty damned fit again.

I have it in mind that I'll be quite good at the 1/2 IM event. As many of you will know I've competed in four full Ironman events but I've never been happy with my times or felt comfortable with the race. But with a 1/2 IM I think it might well be a different story... this may be complete fantasy of course - we shall see!

Next summer is shaping up nicely, with the Fly Casting World Championships in August, Ronan and Iza's wedding in September, Sexyloops' 20th Birthday Bash September 22nd and now a Half Ironman on the 30th September. Good times are coming!

As well as new videos going live today as well as their respective teaching pages, Ronan has written an excellent blog report from his eventful time in Ireland and Dr Ling has a competition entry in the HTOC (automatically winning him a Stealth Master Invisibility Shirt!).

So here are today's new pages...

Have a fantastic week. I'm looking forward to Gary's page tomorrow as well as all the rest of the crew.

Cheers, Paul

PS Lars - I'm changing phone providers today. I thought you should know! Kiss