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Training area

Training area

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 26 February 2021

Last week Paul was suprised that I was done with FP on Thursday. He said that I’m early, normally that it something what ladies says. Now I’m even more in time. It is Wednesday when doing this. I have reason for that. On Thursday I will pick up my daughter from 400 km, she will be with us over the weekend. She is coming with her boyfriend, let’s see what kind of snotty he is. He is her first boyfriend who is coming all to way here so he could be something. Weather start to go little bit warmer now and it is only -13 celsius. Forecast is that it will be from -2 to -5 during the weekend. So I thougt to make training area for casting. Weather seems to get better for casting practise.

In the morning while cleaning snow from yards, I got idea. Why not paint training area to snow.  So it would be ready rest of the winter. This winter when I seems to have more time so why not use that for something useful.

So I made training area for ”distance” and ”accuracy”. I use quatation mark in this context because I have no purpose to train for competition. Marks are just that I will have something to pursue. I have been doing training without marks but quite fast it will be boring. (at least for me). So now I have distance and accuracy rings which means that I have something easy measures.

Distance marks are up to 38 meters. Then cleaned area ended, if I need to longer area I can just turn around and I will have 100 meter untouched snow. I don’t think that there is need to turn but you never know.

Accuracy rings starts from 5 meter, it is really close. Diameter is about 15 cm, I think that might be difficult one to hit. Other rings are from 10 to 25 meters distance and diameter variable from 30 cm to 60 cm about. I took some flies and cut them so there is only eye and body left. Those will be good flies for training and safe ones also.

It is snowing again. Thursday morning I will see if painting will hold after cleaning snow, it should but you never know.

have a nice weekend and do something fun

Mika from Finland