Viking Lars | Saturday, 29 August 2020

There are so many traditions in fly fishing that I enjoy, and I enjoy being a part of. One of them is the long distance sharing of experiences, flies, materials etc. In “the old days” that was done via mail, you know - physical letters (which probably were delivered faster then than they are now). It was of course also done via the mass communications means of those times: books, journals, newspapers and later on, magazines.

Then came the internet and turbocharged everything. Digital photography made everything a bi-turbo engine. With high internet speeds, high quality digital videocameras and YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, we’re now sharing ideas, flies, patterns, casting, experiences almost at light speed. While it can sometimes be annoying, I believe it’s good!

But - there are a few aspect that still requires an old-fashioned letter: Sharing flies (actual, physical flies), materials and other gear you might want to share or present someone with. And the sharing of especially flies and fly tying materials has been a part of fly fishing’s tradition for hundreds of years.

When I wrote about the Sawyer’s Killer Bugs and the Chadwick’s no. 477 substitute that Semperfli had sent me for review, Grunde Løvoll contacted me and pointed me to yet another option, instead of breaking the bank and buying a few yards of the original yarn. And Grunde was kind enough to send me a couple of yards of two different yarn’s he’d bought. And I just love that kind of exchange and sharing!

There are two different yarns - one’s darker (and closer to the original) and one’s lighter (and, well yes, lighter and a bit further from the original). Comparing the three (Grunde’s two and Semperfli’s) they are all excellent, and I’m certain that they’re as good as the orignal. Remeber that even Sawyer himself began using another brand as Chadwick’s no. 477 went out of production.

If you want to go looking for yourself, based on the original I have, you should look for a greyish yarn with darker, cinnamon-coloured strands, giving it an almost fawnish, very light pink colour especially when wet.

The PoD shows the bugs I tied with Grunde’s yarn. I’ll dig out the info on where to get them if you’re interested - let me know on the Board.

Have a great weekend!