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Too much time

Too much time

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 19 February 2021

Some years ago we had first public discourse about fishery in Finland. It was about how we have fucked up with some species and how some rivers (many) have been raped and dammed because electricity without fish ladder. It was important discourse in that time and now it is coming with some results. On that time there was saying ”people have that too much time”, it came from mouth of minister, who was responsible for fisheries. He said excatly that, people has too much time if they have time to come up with this kind of things and being concerned about fishery. He was right but in wrong time, we have too much time (well I do now). I have way too much time to think different kind of things about fishing and fishery. To be honest sometimes my thouhgts are going little bit out of line. Sorry people but today you will get tastery about that.

It all started from Tim’s FP about fishing with non dominant hand. Please do not blame Tim about this, it is more that my mind started to wander. So some of you might know that I’m right handed. Like really really are, it means that if I would masturbate with left hand, I would probably broke my penis. Or when I’m using hammer with my right hand and holding nail with left, somehow I am able to move my left hand so I miss the nail and hit my left thumb. It requires skills. Painful, especially in cold weather but shit can happen.

Then I started to think how fishing is better on other side of the river, or at least we think that it will be. Just like that if you cheat your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband and you might think it will be better. Same shit in different package in the end. I do have too much time now, when I have finished shed. We will have maybe 10% from guests what we have normally so I have time to sit and think. Miss summer and think about fishing.

I heard that it is winter in Texas. -14 celsius, some snow and everything is fucked up. Understandable, they are not use to it. We have -25 celsius and my biggest worry is which day it will warmer than -20 celsius so I can start tractor safetly to give hay to reindeer.

All these lockdowns and restrictions because of Covid are finally getting under my skin. Not like that I would be losing my mind but more like that I’m truly missing guests and my ”work”. I do like to show people our reindeer and lifestyle, it has been one of the biggest joys during the wintertimes before fishing season in summer. Let’s go back to my left arm.

I have never ever traineed casting with my left arm. Last summer I noticed that I’m surprisingly good with that. I was demonstrating how casting will go if my guest would be on other side of the river. You know that current etc will affect your rolling casting. I did also few backstrokes, still doing fine. My cast was not long but I realize that it is something that need to be trained. During the summer I noticed that in some places it is better to cast with left hand than with right one. It could be just because of bushes/wind or because I was able to land fly better and maneuver (too fancy word) it easier on current. That is something I will keep training during winter and coming summer. It will give me advantage in some point.

Grass is not really greener on other side and fishing will be about the same no matter which side of river you are fishing. It is more like how you fish and if you know what you are doing. If you don’t catch anything on your side you might have been spooked fishes, so only option is to fish from other side. It doesn’t make fishing better, it just shows how unskilled you are when approaching river. Then you need to be able to cast longer casts and be more accurate. Does it make you better fisherman if you do so? Maybe yes but why you need to reach other side, have you made mistake and your only change is long casts. Of course you will need long casting now and then but be sure that it is not because you have fucked up start.

Have a nice weekend and try to survive “winter” where ever you are

Mika The Legend

ps. everything is okay, even it doesn’t look like that on photo