Too Early

Too Early

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Too early to wish you a great new year 2021, since there are 9 FISHING-days left THIS year!

Obviously a lot of people want this year to be over early. I can't remember to have seen that many "new year wishes" so early ever. Probably the whole Covid situation has it's impact here!?

Personally I don't think the situation will change in the beginning of 2021 either!

In Germany we have a strong lockdown and it seems as if we will hold on to it until April. That's when I expext the numbers for positive test results to go down again based on warmer weather and a more dry climate to arrive.

Of course I hope for this to happen as soon as possible!

Anyway I will be fishing during the last days of 2020. I think that's the best I can do. A fishing day never will be a lost day nor will it ever be a bad day!

I truly hope you all can make some time to have a few casts in these days either! Isn't it fishing where we always find back to what really matters in live?! For me it is!

During the past days I have been chasing Zander in my hometown and fly tying in the nights.

Great week to all of you!

All my best


P.s.: Thanks for the incredible many feedback on my last frontpage about tailing loops and it's causes!

Some pictures as always...