Toman Tim

Toman Tim

Paul Arden | Monday, 8 May 2017

I have a short film for you this week of my good mate Tim Kempton catching a 5KG Toman (Giant Snakehead). Also in this week's film I have some teaching from the APP (how to deal with an on-shouder crosswind), a short clip of Torque Twist/Thrust for increased delivery speed - which was a subject I started on the Board last week, tying the Killer Termite Masterpiece and fishing for Giant Gourami in wind lanes. There's something for everyone!

This week I'm off to Indonesia for the International fly fishing show - I havent been to Indonesia for about four years so it will be great to catch up with not only my friends over there but also the Australians who are flyng in - who I havent seen in at least as long!

The Hot Torpedo competition is going well and I've enjoyed the entries so far - keep them coming!! You can read them here in the Hot Torpedo Owners Club. If you haven't heard from me recently and you have a HT rod then please do get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.

Here's the discussion on Torque Thrust 

Time to pack - I'll be packing my fly tying kit just in case I'm asked to tie the Killer Termite Cool 

Have a fantastis week!