To Support Sexyloops!

To Support Sexyloops!

Chan Sri Rahayu | Tuesday, 8 June 2021

When you read this is most probably, I am covering for one of our writers which he that cannot make it.

Before I start, let me introduce myself for those who don’t know me. I am Ashly from Malaysia, living together with Paul and I am his wife!

I am going to talk about Sexyloops in general in my own opinion and how you can support us. Sexyloops was born because of Paul’s passion. Starting with his website, forum and flyfishing rod. And little that we know time passes by, Sexyloops is 23 years old now. In another word, it was born before Facebook and Instagram! So what is it all about?

Sexyloops website is generally a platform for fly-fishing community. We have writers around the world sharing their flyfishing experience daily. They are experience fly-fisherman and the platform provided is free for everyone. I cannot think a reason why someone would not appreciate it. Perhaps you can enlighten me. It doesn’t cost you money and most important you don’t need to register as in giving us your personal details like email, city, or country just so you can read the Daily Cast. The platform it-self for fly-fisherman catching up on flyfishing news or technique around the world. Unless you want to join the forum, then you need to register as member and then again is also FREE lifetime membership! In forum they will be discussing specific topic related to flyfishing or flycasting experience or knowledge, just like our academy forum those days / nowadays.

What I really want to emphasis here is please support Sexyloops activities to keep the platform stay alive! Without your support Sexyloops cannot thrive! There are few ways to show support and it's pretty simple :

1) Visit  Sexyloops website and enjoy the daily cast that the writers have shared

2) If you have any question on flyfishing or flycasting post it to the forum. All knowledge shared are FREE there. From a very technical questions like : the speed of your shot to simple question like :  where can I fish?. You will find your answer there.

3) “Like and follow” our social media (Facebook and Instagram) this is very important for us to get some sponsorship to fund the website on all the free service that provided from Sexyloops. You can engage with us there but we prefer to do it in Sexyloops forum, but either way is good.I supposed my.

4) Some of our writers are fishing guide, if you would like to fish in their home water, you can consider supporting them. Hey… we don’t take any commission by recommending them here. Is again FREE in recommending their service.

5) If you want to get new flyrod, put Sexyloops rods (flyfishing or competition rod) to one of your choice! This is not free of course and infact is our bread and butter. Support us the small business that give so much free service to flyfishing community. Think of us, good that you buy Sexyloops rod but if you don’t at least you have thought about us.


Lastly I would like to thank you to all of Sexyloops writers, without them there will be no Daily Cast! Can you imagine that! without Sexyloops Daily Cast? Well, that’s all from me now. You probably will see me again when one of our writers not available. Hopefully not because I have very little knowledge in flyfishing. It is challenging to put your experience in writing when your experience is limited :) Bye