Sexyloops - Tinkering



Viking Lars | Saturday, 12 March 2022

I received a nice gift a couple of weeks ago. I have a friend, Dennis, who’s a machinist by trade and he’s an example of one of the things I find fascinating in fly fishing. Apart from the fact that in the club, social layers and statuses are blurred and people become friends - people who’d most likely never become friends it wasn’t for the common interest.

Dennis is an example of how a completely different trade finds it was into fly fishing at a small scale. Of course there are machinist employed in the trade, making fly reels and reel seats. Dennis has a way of thinking out of the box and in the late 1980s, when zonker flies really made their way to Scandinavia, Dennis first of all saw their potential as great sea trout flies, which they certainly are.

Dennis wasn’t quite happy tying his bait fish imitations with a slim tinsel body and wasn’t quite satisfied how a dubbing body lacked a proper shape. Maybe the late 1980s was also the time when hot glue or melt glue really became popular, I don’t know. But Dennis thought: “I can use hot glue to form a bait fish belly with the right translucency and shape.” I’m not certain that Dennis was the first to do this, but I’m fairly certain he was the first to take it one step further.

Dennis created a mould, where he could cast just the exact shape he wanted on a hook. And not only that of course, also much faster and with a reliable repeatability.

The down side of the process is that a mould only fits one, specific hook model, one specific size. Dennis was making moulds for a couple of Ahrex hooks and offered me a set as well. That was the little gift that arrived a few weeks ago.

Check out the PoD. On the left is the hook, straight out of the mould. Of course is needs cleaning, but since it’s made from hot glue that’s a matter of cutting off the moulding cones and smoothing the body out with a quick pass of a lighter flame. On the right the finished fly with mylar tubing over the glue and a zonker wing. I love the translucency and the shape. The fly is tied by Dennis and is one of his two favourites using this technique.

Have a great weekend!