Paul Arden | Tuesday, 10 August 2021

We appear to be opening up a little in this country again, so hopefully I will have fishing guests again soon. I’ve really enjoyed giving the Zoom flycasting lessons and have learned a great deal in doing them. The big problem I have with them is a personal (fishing) one and that’s is that I must park the boat within 4G internet coverage, which severely restricts how I approach the lake. Nowadays my work (hosting fishing trips – when it’s possible!) is usually 5 days (minimum) and sometimes 7 days. That’s a hell of a lot of one-hour lessons! What I think could work really well, is group lessons/courses via Zoom. If I can’t host International guests next year then I will ultimately do this, but between me and you, it’s not nearly as much fun as fishing :)))

If you have purchased a HT rod recently then some of you still have a zoom lesson to have with me, so please do get in touch! I will continue giving the Zoom lessons through to the end of the year, so if you are on a course with me, or fancy getting a course, then please do drop me an email. I can tell you: they work really well.

HT6 in USA!!

Some months ago in a previous lockdown, a HT6 that we posted to Texas got lost in Chicago. We waited 4 weeks no show. Then we had Brexit blank delays (over three weeks to courier from Spain to UK!!) and whatnot and it took well over another month to finally get the rod in our incredibly understanding customer’s hands. I don’t think an order has ever taken so long for us to fulfil. Two days after the replacement rod finally arrived on his doorstep - bang! So did the first one!!

So if you are in the States and fancy an HT6 rod delivered fast, then here is your opportunity. It’s sitting in Texas waiting for a new owner and even has an Tropical Thunder 6 flyline in the tube!

Hit me up!

It’s a busy week this one for me. I have a couple of websites to build; I have to finish the Belum Fly Fishing website and also help a friend with his Langkawi Fly Fishing site. Also, today, I’m having a Zoom session with Stuntman Ronan so we can work on his Sexyloops Ronan’s Report layout and find a theme that is mobile-friendly. I have some Zoom lessons lined up later in the week, but also at the top of the agenda, is to stick some Freerising Snakehead.

Freerisers is the most exciting and technical casting I know. I am putting together a video on this activity. It’s really why I’m in Malaysia in the first place. It involves stealth, cunning, fast accurate casting, and it’s finger on the trigger, all the time.


The HT905 prototype is awesome by the way. I need to stick a few Gourami with it now. Since travel is partly opening up here in Malaysia for the fully vaccinated, I hope to be able to put this rod in a few friends’ hands. This is always an important part of rod testing for me.

And finally, we now have a rod builder in Spain, Juan. So if you are in the EU we can deliver rods at the price stated in the shop, with no Brexit-created additional fees. Lee and Juan have been working closely together to make sure that Spanish built HT rods are made to the same exacting high standards as British built HT rods. It’s going to take us a few months to really get this ball fully rolling and have finished rods in stock ready to ship (I’m sure you can imagine stocking is  not only time consuming but is also rather expensive!) but we are good and I have the first Juan-built HT here with me in the jungle. It’s a Rocket Launching T27 prototype! Brexit pulled the rug from under our feet (and many others too of course), fortunately we are flying on a magic carpet.

Have a great week. For information on any of the above you can reach me onpaul@sexyloops.com

Cheers, Paul