Thursday's New FP Duo

Thursday's New FP Duo

Tracy&James | Thursday, 7 July 2016

Paul has asked Tracy and myself (James) to take over the Thursday FP whilst Scott takes a break. I’d personally like to thank Scott for a very enjoyable set of posts and I look forward to reading some more when he’s less busy with work. Tracy and I haven’t decided how we will split the writing process yet, but I suspect we’ll just go with whoever is feeling inspired at the time.

For those who don’t know us I guess I should offer a brief introduction.  I’m a fly fisher.  To pay for this I’ve worked for the last 25 years as a scientist at a UK defence establishment.  Unfortunately if you’re moderately successful as a scientist at the company I work for they pushed you towards being an accountant – at least Scott is taking a short-cut to the tedium Smile.  How I got into fishing will be the subject of my next post, I won’t be giving much away to say it was probably the most unsuccessful start that I’ve heard of.

Tracy works in the same company as myself as a safety engineer.  This is a technical role that examines the designs that the scientists and engineers come up with under all scenarios, i.e. if we drop this thing can we sweep it under the carpet, or will it be front page news? – that sort of thing (unlike here, the front pages are to be avoided at all costs).  Tracy did not fish when we first met, however she really enjoyed her first sea fishing excursions and has been a constant fishing companion since.

Before she caught her first trout Tracy took casting lessons from AAPGAI instructor Derek Turner, in St.Asaph, North Wales.  She came away from these lessons casting nicer loops than myself, me being self-taught with all the typical bad habits.  Seeing Tracy casting so well really sparked an interest in improving my own fly casting, and we’ve both practiced regularly since.  This practice gained an extra focus when we became involved with the British Fly Casting Club in 2009 when they happened to hold a meeting close to our new home in the south of England.  Tracy subsequently joined the committee of the BFCC so helps organise the competitions as well as competing herself.

That’s probably enough for now; I promise our next FPs will be fishier or cast-ier.

P.s. There’s a BFCC competition this weekend – Alconbury, Cambridgeshire.

Cheers, James.