Though Days

Though Days

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Starting 8am and then walking (sometimes running) 6 to 10 Km thru water every day until darkness at around 6:30pm. Quite long days though!

But then again I am of course doing what I love to do! :)

These days we are having a relatively low oxygen level in the shallow pike-water due to too much algae dying. The summer was very hot and with the help of too much farming-based nitrogen entering the water, a green algae was able to spreat out thru most parts of the water around the island. Right now the algae is dying as is all the normal sea weed, which was covered below the algae for too long. Though the oxygen level is significantly reduced. Pike are not in a proper feeding mood and many of them are leaving the shallow water anyway!

Having said this it's tough to get my clients linked to proper pike. Yet I still managed to have everyone catching at least one proper pike!

But yeah, it means extra effort for sure!

Hopefully the oxygen level soon will be back to normal supporting my work in a much better way!?

Below you may find some impressions of our last days as always...

Right now am on the run to start the next day! ;)

Great week to all of you and all my best,


pike on

pike on again