Things to do on Lockdown

Things to do on Lockdown

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 24 March 2020

With all this time on your hands no doubt you have popped back to Sexyloops to see what we’ve been up to since your last visit. Well depending on when that was, probably rather a lot. In fact if it’s any time since before last Thursday I would think that you have a lot of catching up to do!

The last few years we have had a pretty solid Front Page team. Tuesday is usually Gary Meyer but he's in the medical industry and so is not currently working from home. There has been some fantastic articles from Gary, mostly about fishing the Everglades where he kayak fly fishes.

Bernd in Germany, recently wrote his 350th SL FP (Bernd has posted more fish pictures on Sexyloops than everyone else combined). On Thursdays we have James and Tracy based in the UK - a fascinating mix of science, flycasting and the Bahamas! Mika the Legend is Fridays in Finland. Saturday is Viking Lars (18 years a FP writer and still almost sane!). Andy Dear from Texas is producing some truly outstanding FPs. I'm on Mondays of course, someone has to be. Martyn our Man in Japan is our emergency action FP flytying writer. Ronan in NZ is producing Stunt Reports. And that's pretty much the Front Page!

The Front Page archive is here In fact there are two with one going back to 2006 which is when we first started archiving. Prior to this you will have to have been here to see it.

Something that you may have missed is an enormous fly casting video teaching section Three hours of video content, some of which even makes sense - and even a set of games for you to practise.

If you are into fly tying, or would like to be, then here is a blast from the past

And depending on how long it is since you’ve been here, about 8 years ago I decided to put all of my casting and fishing experience into fly rod design, and we built the Sexyloops Hot Torpedo. Really great rods and I’m sure this summer I’m going to have a lot of time on my hands to develop some more. If you have a special request let me know and maybe I can make it happen. Eventually.

Crazy times we live in. If you really have some time on your hands then have a look around here... 21 years of Sexyloops is hidden in these vaults!!

Christ you guys will all be living like me soon! 

The Board is alive, kicking and casting! Drop me an email if you want to join, rejoin or have lost your password 

Cheers, Paul

(from the Arc)