Sexyloops - The Wedding Part 1

The Wedding Part 1

The Wedding Part 1

Paul Arden | Monday, 8 January 2018

It's a big day of my life today, because Ashly and I are getting married! I proposed to this crazy woman while snorkelling last summer in a place called "Fish Garden" and she said yes. So we looked into the whole marriage event in Malaysia and with a foreigner it's a not-very-exciting office affair in KL. I don't like offices, I'm not a fan of KL and it didn't sound very romantic! So instead of that, we have decided to do the marriage/signing part on the Tasmanian Great Lake while floating around on a bunch of boats. This will mean that I can fish on the morning of my wedding, right up to the point when Ashly zooms in by boat "Here Comes the Bride", exchange vows, get married. and then Ashly and I can fish afterwards as husband and wife.

Later in the year we will host the family/friends/Chinese Tea Ceremony Wedding Part 2.

So wish us luck!!! It's a big day!!! Cool


To start the big day off we went fishing...

I managed to catch a fish that was eating gum beetles.

The Wedding Fish!

And now we are waiting for the Bride. We had a false alarm when we thought Donny was the bride in his red coat.

And now here comes the Bride (the real one).

Ashly looking stunning!

Dennis Aitken our very cool celebrant (this was his first wedding on a lake!)

The Vows!

The signatures - witnessed by Flavio and Aaron.

I pronounce you Mr and Mrs Arden!

Our friends...

And more... (thanks guys for a fantastic day!!)

Well this is far more fun than a registry office in the city!

Champagne (a bottle for every boat!)

Hairy and Dennis set the party rolling with some blues!

Mr and Mrs Sexyloops!