The shot I take

The shot I take

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 3 June 2022

I just finished writing my FP about shot I didn't take. I have been now and then during the writing scanned water also. Mostly I have left that part to Paul. I'm still pissed off but not so bad anymore. It is victory or die.

We have just entered to bay where I have been few days ago, didn't see anything on that time. Atmosphere is still cold, no normal chatting, no jokes, no questions made. I see one rise on left but I ignore that one. Paul has just seen set of babies and I saw one free rise on same direction.

We go after babies, well in fact to get adult from there. I get line out and remind myself, it is victory or die. They say that diamonds are made in pressure. Other side is that material can turn to diamond or crush under pressure. I don't give shit for that, I just want fish and made my shot.

When we get closer to set of babies we see some free risers in the end of the bay. We can't figure out where babies went so Paul turns boat for free rises. Still no chatting. First rise when going closer, fish has moved little bit to the left. Next rise, it's coming back to original spot. Still out of reach.

Then silence, we both scan water, I saw rise on the right from me, too late to make a shot. I turn to fish that direction, seems like fish passed one breathe and went there. Suddenly Paul, says here back, make a shot. I turn 180, and see that fish is turning to dive. My body starts to work and do the shot, way too short, I lift line and make it longer, too late. Fish is gone for now. I was too much in rush, I would have had time for one false cast and it would be in. Paul agrees that. Fuck me.

Next rise is on the side of the boat, now we see that there are two of them. I start to scan that water now. I'm running my eyes to left and right, my rod is pointing little bit left from me. I saw some movement on the right, little bit out from area which I'm scanning. Paul points out about rise also, I turn my head, I see two snakehead rising, they took a breath, body starts to work, slip, lift, turn of the line, cast target is one ont he right and fly lands, pull from line and plop. From my point view it was perfect shot.

At that same moment when I plop Paul says something like it is there, I see how one one the right turns towards to fly, another plop and FISH ON. First pull from fish, I'm holding rod and line like Paul taught, how fuck I stop the fish, line is running between thumb and front finger. I put more pressure to my thumb and fish stops, no it turned against me and coming back, I try take line in but I feel there is slack. Is it still on. 

I take line in faster and yes it is still there. I see fish and another one is following it still. I got fish closer to boat, this far from done. Fish dives under the boat like Paul told earlier, I turn my rod deeper to water and go under the front and fish is now on the other side. I ask from Paul if I can take line in that leader is inside of the tip, reply is that yes, just little bit. I see that Paul start to take landing net ready. Fish comes close to surface and dive again under the boat. And we go back to the original side.

Now I'm situation where my left hand is pointing to sky when holding line, right hands hold rod of course,  and I can't get line under right hand's front finger so I could get left hand closer and have better control. Fish makes short run and I use my left hand as suspension, it also gives me to change to get line shortly locked with right hand and I get better and shorter line for left.

I get fish on the surface, Paul is ready with net. One short turn from fish once again and then Paul start to net the fish. Netting is happening so close to boat in the back part so I have ask if it is in. No, there is kind tangle in the landing net, see that it is on the top of net but inside yet. Now it is dropping in, I got flash, is the net entire. Paul dropped one fish earlier because there was hole in the landing net. Paul lifts net inside of the boat with snakehead.

Victory or die. My knees are shaking, fuck my whole body is shaking. Hell yeah, I did. That is my first Toman as Malaysians call it. Paul has been taking video starting from strike. I'm shaking still, I'm all sweaty. Paul takes hook off, he shows how to hold fish and passed net and fish for.

Time for photos, I would love to kiss the fish but that is not my habit.  I release the fish, byebye beauty. Paul asks some questions for video, whole jungle knows that I did it.

This is most exciting, thrilling and easily hardest fishing. It will take your heart and soul, crunch them before giving any reward. All fuck ups, all the mistakes and unused changes, took me to this very moment. When reward is this, bring it on, I will do it again anytime. We will be back for sure.

Never give up, go fishing and have nice day

Mika the Legend, I fucking did it


Afternoon we went fishing with Satu, well it was mostly picnic, jungle walk and some fishing. We saw elephants and I fished with them. Evening we had camp fire and few beers and some wine.

Last day at lake I had good session with snakeheads, couldn't get more up, got few looks and one chase. One more  fishing day coming up, no idea what Paul has arranged in Penang.