The Season Starts Now!

The Season Starts Now!

Paul Arden | Monday, 18 March 2019

It's now officially the start of my fishing season here at Belum Rainforest. I know that you are probably thinking, "well what were you doing the last few months, Paul?" Nothing serious! Just figuring a few things out, trying to put the yearly pattern in place, catching the odd fish and so on. But March 15th is when it all starts to happen around here. My guests start to appear after the middle of March and not before because it's too "hit and miss". And so it's not just the start of my fishing season proper, but also the time of year when I start to show others this incredible fishing.

This week I have a special guest Martyn White from Scotland, via Japan, who is fishing with me for four days. I met Martyn at the Malaysian Fly Fishing Festival last year, and as well as having a Scottish beard like mine, is an absolutely awesome fly tier. I will be teaching him several of the advanced fly dressing techniques that I have invented; namely the "backwards hackle" and of course the infamous "whipfuck". He has kindly purchased some superglue gel for me which is available in Japan, but not Malaysia for some reason, and this is great because "Light of Apgai" has many uses including the repelling of Orc Attacks.

I won't be around for much of this week, I'll certainly be online to make James' page live as well process orders, deal with enquiries and so on, but I won't be doing the "social media stuff" and instead Ashly will be doing this! I'm flat out for the next three week; there is Martyn, then Tim and then three German friends visiting. I have a week off with Ashly, and then Stefan Siikavaara is visiting for two weeks. Stefan told me some interesting family history of his quite recently, so no doubt we can make a film about that when he is over!

This week I plan to video the March Challenge (non-dominant hand casting into a 180cm target at 100ft, three out of five attempts, with a 5WT line), a video about one of the HT models and a trophy fish video with Martyn. No doubt we will be having some large Sexyloops Campfires and eating beans and potatoes. Next week when Tim is here I plan to video the Sexyloops Essential Level Casting Challenge, a video about one of the other HT rods and a trophy fish video with Tim. No doubt we will be having some Sexyloops Campfires and eating Pumpkin Curry.

Incidentally the Sexyloops Competition shirts were mailed out last Friday. When you receive these - I hope they fit!!! Piffen you have the first ever Hoodie Variation. Could you model it please? Mika the Legend - you have the only short sleeved shirt we have made. Can you model that one too please? I'm going to start a new competition real soon - this time you'll actually have the chance to design your own Sexyloops Fishing Shirt!

Have an excellent week!