The pursuit of fishing moments

The pursuit of fishing moments

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 26 July 2017

While Paul in his Monday front page shared some fine thoughts about the pursuit of chasing fins all year round, I indeed was doing exactly that all week long. I pretty much feel the same about fly fishing being the best that I can do in live. Besides having my mind tied up into fly fishing every day (mostly every hour), I am not so much trying to spent as much time fishing as possible but catching as much intense moments as possible. Now that Paul said to not yet have peaked (or be anywhere near to) in increasing his fly fishing skills I have to admit that I did peak in some fishing moments.

I truly love to be out there fly fishing for several hours in a heavy rain, catching no single fish and sometimes even freezing. That is what the last week looked like most of the time here. Doesn't sound much enjoyable, right? Well, I believe that the harder I have to work for and the longer it takes to live another perfect fly fishing moment, the better it's going to be. Such intense perfect moments never came easy. Mostly they were the result of having studied a species of fish for a long time and having tried and ERRORED a lot - especially under strong weather conditions.

During the last week I was studying asp day by day. I caught several smaller asp though but did not really succeed in catching any serious one. The river Elbe in which I am fishing at the moment is a truly large river - several miles wide where I live. So of course there is a lot of water to be searched in order to learn the details of (large) asp's behaviour. Pretty much time consuming. But hey, one day I will land an 80+cm asp - which is the one moment I am after since 3 years now.

It's all about to happen at some point!?

Most of you of course can't spent as much time fly fishing as Paul and I are. But I think you can have the same intense fly fishing moments? For me it often is the one big fish that I am after. For many others it is the first fish on fly or the medium sized fish (which is a big one if you are not having that many fishing days...). Or it's just getting out of the job-world for a perfect moment along the water.

We all love our fly fishing moments - is there anything better in the world?

Great fishing to all of you!

All my best

P.s.: Paul, I am still 2 FISHING days ahead of you, mate! ;)

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