Sexyloops - The Iceman Cometh

The Iceman Cometh

The Iceman Cometh

Viking Lars | Saturday, 18 March 2017

Spring is in the air - all you need to do to make sure is go outside every once in a while, There are several certain signs - the lark, the lapwing, snowdrops, erantis, everything greening. And then...

another sure sign for me is the few clients I have left who still order flies. Years ago I used to tie many, many flies to order, but now, I only have a few clients left as time doesn't permit more.

A sure sign of spring is a phone call from a long time good friend, who always needs a delivery of big salmon tubeflies for the opening weeks on Gaula and Lakselv in Norway. Some of you may remember I've posted pictures of the flies before.

My friend's, Michael's, signature fly is one called The Iceman - a pattern of his own that seems to do particularly well on fresh salmon in Norway. It was originally composed and tied for small sea trout streams in Northern Denmark, but it does really well on salmon as well.

It's a fly in classic colours and this year, Michael also ordered some tied on large single hooks both for Norwegian salmon and later on, sea trout fishing in Denmark. We all get notions every now and then and Michael's latest is a return to large singles. I too like fishing hooks, and in Denmark, I always fish singles. There's simply too much vegetation in our rivers to fish doubles as we also fish sinking lines most of the time.

So, as an addition to the normal of of some 25-40 large tubeflies, I spent a little time at the vise last night tying a few #1 Iceman. If you're interested, and want to tie some for your self, here's the pattern:

Iceman Spey
Hook: Ahrex HR414, #1-6.
Thread: UNI 8/0, black.
Tail: White Fluorofiber (my addition - no tail on the original).
Body and rib: Veevus FlatBraid, tied in at the front, wound back and then twisted hard to form rib, and then ribbed forward).
1 underwing: Chartreuse or green Artic Fox.
2nd underwing: Blue Arctic Fox and 2 strands of Mirror flash tied in and doubled to form 4 strands).
1st hackle: Blue Whiting Hen Spey (my addition).
2nd hackle: White hen.
Overwing: Black Arctic Fox.
Sides: Pro Sportfisher Gen3 jungle cock (artificial).

I need to tie some more of these, and then I start up on the tube versions. Michael's ordered some and I need some for my own box as well.

It's a good opening-fly in Denmark as well, although I won't be fishing the very opening this year. It falls on a Sunday with Easter Monday following, so there will be hoards of fishermen out, and I'll let the initial pressure cool off before I tie on an Iceman and make the first few swings.

Have a great weekend.