Paul Arden | Monday, 22 January 2018

We need your help! The Great HT Comp 2017 has closed and we need two more finalists to go through to the grand finals where they will all win a new fly line (can be the new Sexyloops Lumiline!) and one of them will win a brand new Custom-built HT fly rod of their choice. Ashly having made the finals earlier in this year obviously excludes me from being a judge, so I have a plan to bring in some external and independent judges... five of them! I came up with this plan while wet wading Lake Ada yesterday and it's a good one. With five judges and four finalists there can be only one winner!!

However we are not at that stage yet, so we need two finalists from the below list of entrants. You can each select your two best enteries. Now I realise that neither the Board nor Sexyloops Facebook voting has been intense so far, but please do make your choices this time - thanks!!!!

These are the third round entrants to choose from:
29 James Evans
28 Carl-Martin Vennefjord
25 Gavan Hennessy
26 Paul Harps
27 Mike Duzynski
24 Graeme Hird
23 Luca Prono
22 Brandon Ho
21 Marc Teng  
20 Stuntman Ronan
19 An Ren Tan
18 Tim Kempton
17 Dr Ling
16 Piffen Hammenstig
15 Sean Geer
14 Mike Duzynski

Every entrant will receive a special Sexyloops shirt. I am currently working on the artwork and don't expect to be mailing these out until sometime in March. I will be getting in touch with everyone who has entered for some details, such as how you would like for your name to appear on the front and your shirt size!

In case you have missed some our other recent activity, the Sexyloops Video Manual is currently covering Presentation Casts. Check that out here: 

Also I have started a new PoD series covering my time here in Tasmania. You can find that here: 

Over on the Board we have some good discussions going ahead. Now I've been noticing recently that we've had new members join who have yet to post - please do post. You can introduce yourselves here: 

I would be very interested to hear from you guys in particular as to anything that you would like to gain from the Board. I have a couple of ideas in mind, from the ability for you to upload videos of your casting to some sections on fishing tactics. But really the direction we take is up to you. 

I've been busy working on Sexyloops for four days this week, so it's time to drop everything for a few and head out fishing again. Tim and Zuie are here and they're not just here to shoot the shit. Tim kindly has delivered some Meindl boots that I purchased last week following a Western Lake hiking trip that Flavio and I made (I couldn't walk properly for three days afterwards - never wear wading boots for hiking!). I'll be skimming down my pack weight too - I don't know how yet but cutting down my toothbrush handle size is a possibility.

Soon I need to get thoroughly involved in the backend running of Sexyloops in order to make the old archived Board a functioning entity again. This I believe will take me two days but I will plan to give myself four to be on the safe side. If you thought fly casting competition was a scary thing, just try fiddling around with Internet Servers!!

And so once again, please make your two choices as to your favourite HT entries. You can choose either on the Sexyloops Board, or the Sexyloops Facebook page (below). This year we will be running a similar competition. There will be a few rule changes, I'm considering a different method of judging and I plan something amazing with your shirts!

Finally I would like to publicly retract the statement I made a few weeks ago when I said that trout were dumb and can't fight. They are very smart creatures and they pull like hell. Now I would actually like to catch a lot more and remove the curse that I've given myself. I'm not here to catch just a few fish; I'm here to catch them all!

Have a fantastic week. If you're around Miena and fancy a cast/fish/beer then please get in touch. It's just me here now, along with a few possums, deer and of course roos. Looking forward to heading out the Western Lakes again - mostly I'm keen to go solo but I'll consider company too!

Cheers, Paul

PS You can always email me on