Sexyloops - The Grand Reopening

The Grand Reopening

The Grand Reopening

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 22 March 2022

The Malaysia borders will reopen next month to International tourists, finally! I now have fishing guests booked for April, May and June already, with another booking for July today. This has spurred me on to finish fitting out the Battleship in preparation. It’s only taken me two years to do this but I have of course been fishing myself, which is my usual excuse for everything.

Last week, with Ashly’s fantastic assistance, I finished the stern “quarters”. This now has an intricate and highly complex structure, including 11 doors and two doors within doors. To maintain the element of surprise, I have used three different tones of varnish.

Next week I shall build the front bed, benches, storage space & shelf unit that I’ve been meticulously planning also for two years. I enjoy this stuff even if I’m not very good at it. For example I don’t think anyone is going to visit and ask me to fit out their boat for them! On the other hand it will survive nuclear war, which is an important consideration these days.

When aliens visit from another planet, millions of years from now, they will look at the Battleship and wonder, what happened to these great ship building peoples and why did they use three different shades of varnish, thinking perhaps it was out of reverence to the Gods, when it fact it was because Paul couldn’t read the bottles properly.

So that’s exciting.

Talking of which, if you fancy a trip out here chasing Giant Snakehead and Giant Gourami then drop me an email. Most visitors stay 5-7 days but you can come for as long as you like (assuming you are good company of course) and just as so long as you stay no less than 4 days! There is accommodation on the Battleship and at the beginning and/or end of your trip you can stay at the Belum Rainforest Resort, which hopefully reopens soon. Many hotels have been shut here throughout the pandemic.

There are two options. Fully guided with me finding the fish, positioning the boat and providing highly entertaining company, including feasts, but not booze (which can, should and indeed must be organised to keep us sane) is 500USD/day. It’s also possible for some or even all of your trip, to rent my second fishing boat and fish separately (but not so far away that you get lost and eaten by tigers) for 250USD/day or 350USD for two sharing. This includes all fuel, accommodation and feasts. If you are going to take out the self-guided option then I would very much suggest at least a few days with me first. Otherwise you are most probably not going to catch fish here. Everyone needs a casting lesson and if it’s your first time we will have a Zoom session in advance. Otherwise you are most probably not going to catch fish, because they can only eat your fly if they see it first.

The closest international airport is Penang. I either do the pickups myself (I have a new truck for this operation, since my old truck “Squeaker” died a horrible death and I gave it to my welding friends in Gerik, so that they can let it grow outside their welding shop), or if I’m busy I’ll arrange you a taxi. This is 80USD each way, which is standard taxi rates – it’s a 2.5hr drive in each direction. The local Belum Rainforest Resort, if open – and I assume it will be – is approx 125USD/night. It’s nice to stay there at the beginning and/or end of your trip. Many people feel they need this, in order to reorientate themselves after a week in my company and in preparation for the jump back into “civilisation”.

If you want to fish Sungai Tiang this can be arranged now with my Orang Asli friends. The weather this “dry season” has been unpredictable to say the least, in fact it’s been predictably wet. It’s possible to get in this year, weather and river conditions permitting, and their operations will be fully running in 2023. Minimum suggested trip duration to Sungai Tiang should be 5 days. When fully operational it’s 500USD/day all inclusive, with trips of up to 7 days duration. Currently, because they don’t have rafts and are still in training, the fees are lower! Enquire with me for more details. This is their business, I don’t go in with you but I will help you to arrange it. Unless you speak Malay or Jahai (the Orang Asli language of Royal Belum, and quite frankly I think that the likelihood of you speaking Jahai is pretty damned remote!!), then you really do need river angling experience (trout is fine) because they speak only slightly more English than I speak Malay. In fact… no, their English is better.

Other news is that the new HT5 blanks are somewhere between the Spain and the UK, navigating an untimely Spanish transport strike. I hope they arrive this week and we will start delivering before the end of the month.

Incidentally I have two email addresses: and If you can’t get me on one then please try the other.

Have a great week :)))

Cheers, Paul

PS continuing on from last week with the description of the blocking technique in Closed Accuracy and Open Stance Distance, I'm also including a video I made for a Zoom student of mine.