The Double Haul

The Double Haul

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 31 October 2017

I think Gary is away this week fishing the Smoky Mountains, which gives me another chance to point you to the Video Fly Casting Manual that will ultimately be 64 fly casting videos on everything from the basics (or "Essentials") which is the point we have reached today to presentation casts and all the Spey casts amongst other things. Those of you who purchased the APP will recognise the videos. For you guys I am making a special folder where you will be able to download these videos for offline use.

Today the Double Haul has been uploaded and the page was made live this morning. This is the way I teach it - a couple of the methods I use anyway. More advanced hauling information and practise drills come later on in the series when we explore distance casting, both fishing distance as well as competitive distance. If you like this series then please share it!!

Of course if you want to cast this well you'll need to purchase a Hot Torpedo Fly Rod, since no other rod casts quite as well as this one! Cool

This is the video Masterclass 

It's been a busy few weeks for me, but now - finally - I can fish hard again. Look out Snakehead!


PS remember, for any fly casting questions please join the Board. To do this send me an email: with your preferred username.
PPS Sexyloops is scheduled for some necessary maintenance this week as we migrate to a new server. We will be offline at some point but quite when and for how long is anyone's guess. Probably no more than 20-30 minutes.