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The Big Fish

The Big Fish

Paul Arden | Monday, 5 October 2015

Planet Earth is 4.5 Billion years old, the Universe being 13.8. There are 100 billion Stars in our Galaxy and an estimated 10 trillion other galaxies out there. Quite frankly we don't know how many Stars there are, let alone Galaxies, but it's a fuck of a lot. There was very little life on Earth for the first 2 billion years. Single celled protozoa evolved 750 million years ago. There was a massive boom, all sorts of life evolved, including fish about 500 million years ago. 225 million years ago Dinosaurs started walking the Earth and lasted for 160 million years. Evidence of our earliest human ancestors start to appear 2.8 million years ago, but she was a lot more hairy, couldn't talk and was pretty stumpy - considered sexy in those days. We really consider our "modern" beginnings to have started around 250,000 years. We began migrating from Africa 200,000 years ago. We invented language 100,000 years ago, or maybe before this, we actually have no idea but language might reach back to Africa. We've been writing words for 5,000 years. This is how we think we got here.

I don't see how this story fits with God. I mean it's hard to get your head around the very beginning. But I don't see how God fits in there either. And if for some reason that is your answer, then you just move the question along, i.e. "and where did he come from then?"

It's quite possible that the Universe has a conscience. Given the scale of things I would argue that anything is possible. I mean the mind boggles that it has happened - is happening - it's just so staggering, so utterly spectacular, so completely impossible, and yet it is. You only need to look out to Space on a dark night to have your socks completely knocked off.

The question is did the impossible happen for a reason, or by chance? Is there a meaning?

Will it always be? Or will it implode to be nothing again? Is there an incredibly powerful entity making this happen? The idea that it all happens so that a good person can go to Heaven and sit by God's side is how some religions explain it. But then why is it so COMPLETELY VAST? Why so many galaxies? Why so many extinct species before we arrived? Why did it take us so long?

Besides we don't even know what we are! Some people think we are spirits, others, just a naked ape. But one thing we all have, is the capacity to think we think. It's this "thinking we think" that makes us different. And we're asking is there something else that thinks - out there - with the power to create Solar Systems, perhaps a God appearing when the Universe exploded into being or else evolving in the 9 billion years between the Universe's creation and our own solar system? We don't know what other life is out there. Another question might be, do we make the Universe with our minds? I think that's a fair question too, although maybe best left for a campfire discussion Smile How to know if there is a God out there? And if so what's he /or it/ like? Is it like just a thought or is it like a God with a grey beard, who's quite nice, hanging out on the left-side, a hippy, get-down God dude? Or one more into church hymns and a bit boring? Or maybe some raving lunatic who sets evil upon the world with a Heaven full of virgins?

Anyway that's off topic. This is not a page about religion, it's more "does God exist?" The Universe exists - was it created at the beginning or was it chance? Some people believe that things happen for a reason, others believe they can alter the future, to be lucky. I happen to believe this too, because I've seen evidence first-hand that indicates it's true. For example if I really believe that something will happen, it most probably will happen and that the believing influenced the outcome. Deano is living proof of this, he catches big fish when he should by rights catch none. And who knows, maybe if enough people believe in God then we make him happen too. But we're shooting in the dark here.

It's possible there is a God. But if you start talking to God how will you know if you're really talking to God or talking to yourself? I don't even know what I am, just a long thought probably, a long thought that goes fishing to stimulate his mind - but I could be God, I have considered that possibility. And let's face it, life is really about thoughts. Thinking about pleasure is to feel pleasure. Thinking gives us a conscience too. I think I have a conscience because I got it through choice, but maybe I was born with it and found it inside - after a while [I may have been born into Sin as the Christians believe but I didn't end being a generally good chap by believing in God]. Anyway we're still not proving the existence of God, still stuck on a possibility that he may or may not exist. But if I start talking to God and hearing words in my head - which I'm sure I would by the way - then how will I know if I'm mad or not?

The fact that people believe in different Gods means that he's not communicating too well! That doesn't mean he doesn't exist, only perhaps just not interested. We're not exactly the embodiment of love, you know. Besides, he can create Solar Systems.

Does the Universe have a conscience? If it does it's a pretty harsh one. Accidents to babies? That's chance right? No one blames God for that. On the other hand are miracles to be attributed to God? None of this proves he exists.

The question is then, does it matter? It does if you believe in an Afterlife. Believe in God and live forever - according to religions, but religions starring only one God have been around for only 3500 years, we've been around longer remember. What happened to all our ancestors? Could the earliest think they think without words? I can't and just go all Zen. I think maybe that's what Zen is - meditation certainly. And God decides your fate! According to some religions not getting there is a fate worse than death! This is all getting a bit far fetched for me, because we don't even know if he exists yet - after all it appears that he evolved too. Certainly before the one God there was many and everything does appear somewhat "magical" when you live outdoors.

I think it was chance. An absolute spectacular chance. I don't think God made it happen, he might be all of it, depends what you think God is, but if it was chance and evolution then where is God in all of that? The Universe happened, life happened, people evolved to think they think. It's highly likely that we invented God.

I know one thing; we're not very good as a species. The one thing that can keep us going is our diversity. And we're not very diverse being only 200,000 years apart. And maybe we don't matter anyway; here today - as a species - gone tomorrow. Obviously we have instincts that make us do things that help the species along - we want babies (women do anyway), we want to feel love, be happy and live a free life! Some of us just want to fish, and claim this the meaning of life. These men and women really are the luckiest people on the planet, for they have found the most interesting and at times highly frustrating life path. And of fishermen, fly-fishermen are the luckiest of all. And of all the fly fishermen on our planet, I'm the luckiest barstool amongst them, because I get to fish the most, camping under the stars, with a global network of mad fly fishing friends, and Gourami are within metres of the boat, which will be in for a surprise encounter early tomorrow morning.

God might be a Gourami.

Hey it's possible. God could be a Gourami. In fact nothing would surprise me any more. I'd better lay of the Seal's Fur in case one of them starts talking to me.

"Yo Paul"
"It's God, I'm a Gourami."
"You didn't expect this did you?"
"Well I'm not totally surprised to be honest, I just thought you'd be bigger"
"Yah right, with your tackle you'd never have landed me. You need to get that Hot Torpedo 10WT design finished. Bigger fish are out here. Cool name for a flyrod by the way. Now put me back, I'm missing choir practice."