The Belum Fly Fishing Experience

The Belum Fly Fishing Experience

Paul Arden | Monday, 9 March 2020

Spend 5-7 days with me here in Malaysia and I will transform your casting. You might even catch a fish! Come here to do this and I’ll introduce you to, what might be, the finest freshwater sight-flyfishing anywhere in the world. I will not only teach you how to execute these difficult shots but I’ll also teach you how get a boat into position so that you can actually make the shot happen by yourself.

You will also experience some amazing nature, in the world’s oldest rainforest - Belum-Temenggor is 80 million years old; older even than the Amazon. I’ll teach you how to make a killer campfire. I’ll show you my world. But first let me raise you casting game to excellence. This opens doors that you never knew existed. 

Drop me an email if you’re interested. The elite package starts at 500USD/day plus 125USD full board aboard the “Battleship”. But we have many options from self-guided (good luck!) to a bit of both. Two people are possible, three is still possible, the vast majority of attendees are 1-1. 

Every trip is tailor-made, specific to your requirements. 

This is an experience like no other. Everyone comes back. Everyone has to come back. Giant Snakehead get under the skin, and start to haunt your dreams. And just when you thought you could handle it, then Giant Gourami make their appearance. 

Possibly the world’s most challenging fly fishing - I’m not stuck here for no reason! It doesn’t get any more rewarding than this, fishing for species  that are still relatively undiscovered. You will be a pioneer. 

Are you up to the challenge? Are you ready to become the best caster you can be?

Email and let’s have a chat. 

In the meantime you need to practise this: Fly casting shots for Snakehead


Just had a couple of days on the lake. Martyn arrives tomorrow and Richard at the end of the week. It's great to be living on the lake again!! Found three sets of babies on Sunday. Caught one Snakehead of 2.7KG, spooked one, and the wind made the third set impossible to follow. Also found a few free-risers, one eat (and lost) and one follow.

This morning I got today's POD lunker; 5.6KG. Hopefully I'll get a chance to put a video together this evening. Battleship goes on the lake this week. I hope to see some of you here! 

Cheers, Paul

Today's fish:

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