the art of packing a motorcycle

the art of packing a motorcycle

t.z. | Friday, 30 September 2016

Hobby psychologists would start to analyse the following as a form of obsessive compulsive personality disorder - but they are of course wrong.

They say that folks with OCPD may need to keep everything in order and under control and set unrealistically high standards for themselves and others. Those people also might think theirs is the best way of making things happen and worry when them or others might make mistakes. Heck, they even expect catastrophes if things aren’t perfect and are reluctant to spend money on themselves or others. On top they have a tendency to hang onto items with no obvious value.

So nope, not us right? We are flyfishers and ... ok - I stop the argument here ... I might not like where this might be going.

However - I am proud of how perfect and compact I managed to pack my stuff. Remember - stuff, the things one does need so badly. We all have stuff. The task is though to have just the necessary and all that packed as small as possible - because I am trying to combine motorcycling and flyfishing. No, I am not about to cast from the seat. I mean the travel on two wheels from fishing spot to fishing spot. However, Tthe nature of a 2-wheeler only allows for so much luggage.

... zeeee Germanz are coming ...

- or - 

ze packinglist

IMG_1270everything i need

from left to right:
watertight bag - 50l
clothes & underwear
socks (remember - this is sexyloops)
kitchen utensils
thin trousers
tent & mattress
first aid kit
go pro cam
leader material
raindress / overall
sexyloops cap
wading jacket
wading boots
food for breakfast
tyre repair kit

warm clothes and underwear

tent and liner sleeping bag

the kitchen utensils

flies, lines and such

documents & electronics

full body rain coat for real bad weather

flyrod -- however, the HT4 was not fitting in, so I packed a 6pc rod 

a) big net for packing sleeping bag lightly and breathing when not transporting it
 b) compression bag
and a sleeping bag of course

wind blocker jacket

all packed and ready to be loaded onto the motorcycle

ze Germans ... one of my favorite film quotes -

picture by Al Pyke 

Thomas Züllich, or - “t.z.” as most call him - is a German flyfisher & flytier living in Norway. His flydressing is based on old traditions as well as very modern and innovative methods of creating flies. You can book Thomas for guided trips, flytying classes and presentations. He regularly gives speeches and demonstrations at fly fishing fairs. Thomas is member of the ProTeam at Partridge of Redditch as well as Regal Vises.

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