Sexyloops - Thank you, Thomas!

Thank you, Thomas!

Thank you, Thomas!

Paul Arden | Friday, 21 September 2018

It’s been a great series from Thomas, or TZ, as he often calls himself. Picking up the fly dressing reins and delivering a brand new series with his innovative approach to learning fly tying. I’ve certainly learned a few new tricks and enjoyed his FP’s and insight immensely. So thanks TZ!!

All good things come to an end. But all good things have a starting point too! 

Two years ago while heading to Northern Russia from England, in the first car that we found, Ashly and I were stopped at the Russian Border and refused entry because we didn’t have the correct car registration documents (how could we? We had just bought the bomb!).  

Now it’s not something we often talk about, for fear of upsetting it, but Sexyloops Synchronicity is always present, and this time presented itself at the Russian Border by way of Mika the Legend (only we didn’t know he was a legend then). 

The conversation went thus:

Me - “Do you know anyone who would like to fish Varzina River in the Kola”
Legend - “Yes me. I’ve always dreamed about it”
Me - “ok lets go...”

And it was looking good. Here was a Finnish Fly Fishing Guide who I had taken an immediate liking to and we were across the border and heading fly fishing to one of the finest trout streams in the world. Unfortunately along the very huge drive up to Varzina, it transpired that he couldn’t fish after all and that if he did then Satu, his wife - a lovely woman who we met afterwards by the way - was going to kill him. 

This of course would be very unfortunate because Mika is not the sort of person who you want to fish with just once, and so with heavy hearts we bid him farewell at the helicopter pickup point and hoped to hell that we would see him one week later when we had to get back to Finland. 

And see him again we did - and had a wonderful time with the lovely couple when at their home in Finland; Ashly fed reindeers, we fished the local waters - excellent grayling fishing by the way, cast in the dark, demolished a few beers, and by way of thanks, I sent him a Hot Torpedo fly rod. 

Something I’ve noted about Sexyloops Synchronicity, is that while it puts you in touch and often saves your arse, later it’s down to you (me usually) to make the next move. So 2020 when I’m back in the region we will fish together a lot!!! In fact we are putting together a combined fishing/guiding week on Varzina for 2020 to make up for 2016!!!!

Mika can certainly fish that’s for sure, he’s a great guide and wonderful company. 

Mika the Legend will be taking over the Friday slot from Thomas next week.  I think I’ve introduced him enough already!

Thomas - thank you my friend.  Let’s fish 2020 too. It’s going to be quite the year!!! Cool

Cheers, Paul