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Viking Lars | Sunday, 4 October 2015

I've spent plenty of nights in tents, having slept in tents since I was a kid, and I've always liked it. The fresh air, waking up with first light (never could sleep once the sun comes up), the sounds of the birds and nature and the whole cozyness of being warm in the sleeping bag, even if it's cold outside.

Last week, I wrote about "Session" on Møn, where I slept in my tent - a new one as it happens. I have acquired a small solo-tent as you can see in today's PoD.

I've never slept in such a small tent before, so I was quite looking forward to it. I've slept under my Mountain Hardwear StingRay tarp plenty of times during summer, but I decided against it for this weekend since it was September and September nights can get really cold out of the blue.

I noted a couple of things about the small tent vs. a bigger tent and the of course against the tarp.

Against the tarp - this is a tent. meaning it's waterproof (sort of - see later :-), you're not directly on the ground and it's easy to keep the mosquitoes out. I was in the car, and slept right next to it as you can see, so weight wasn't an issue (and besides, if it was, I would have gotten a different tent, this one's not lightweight as far as light weight solo tents go).

Compared to a bigger tent, I think it's easier to stay warm in a smaller tent as it's fater to warm up, but that also comes at a price - condensation!

There's a lot of condensation on the inside of such a small tent, and this particular tent was constructed in such a way that there's only very little distance from the innter tent to the fly sheet. Especially in the foot end, this meant that I would often brush against the underside of the fly sheet and condensation would drip down.

This of course should be less of a problem suring summer where there less is less temperature difference.

Still, it's a nice tent, and I look forward to using it next time as well.

I always bring earplugs when sleeping in a tent. If you're with other, you can spare yourself of any snoring - or spare the other for any snoring, and I also find them nice to use if it's windy, simply to cut out some of the wind noise in the tent. That often bother me - especially the first couple of nights.

Off to visit my sister - have a great Sunday!