tearing the game shorts

tearing the game shorts

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 7 June 2024

This week has been farming week. We have one field which had to be renewed, about 2,5 hectares. Luckily on Sunday our friends came to help and pick it up most of the stones. Satu and I was celebrating my daughters’ graduation in south. Monday I finish it from stones. Tuesday we had some rain and after that I spread fertilizer on fields so we cet better hay for reindeer. Wednesday I spent whole day in tractor and got seeds and all afterwork done on renewable field... now we just wait that it will grow.

It is Friday when I wrote this. Yesterday my guests arrived to Nook and we will have two fishing days ahead. We start later today as it is extremely heavy rain going and it will last till afternoon. So let's return to the lake in Malaysia. 

Second last fishing day, there was no birthday fish for me, I do still have burned finger, it is like sign from devil. I'm not sure when it will go away. That fish is burned on my finger, maybe rest of my life. :D

Tuesday, I got my boat ready and go the lake. I find rising snakeheads soon after start, most of them small ones and still fast ones. There seems to be one slower one and it is also bigger. But I don't get shot. Next spot with risers, this time I get shot but as those are fast ones it is no reaction shot. I make boat ready to move faster and when I do that my shorts tore a little. Älä revi pelihousuja, that what we in Finland if someone is really pissed off. It means don't tear your gameshorts.

I'm not pissed but I don't really feel to be top of the game now. It could be movie night and long celebrations of my birthday and way too many drinks. I have a break and take some lunch, day is getting hotter. I decide to go and check one bay which has been haunting me for two years, I had plenty of good chances to make money shots but I didn't.  When approaching bay I see some rises, I stop and wait. I see more risers in small area, those are more like on the mouth of bay. I go there and get myself ready. Wind is blowing heavily and pushing me away, so I try to keep boat on place with electric engine.

It seems to have two couples and four to six other fish, so totally about ten. And all of them are rising in small about 20x20 meter area. I got two good shots but no reaction. Then I spook one couple and one lonely fish also. Those are seen later moving over bay to the other side. Wind is getting heavier and it is difficult to keep boat placed, I spook one more fish and one other rises against boat. It is time to call came out. It is fucking hot and I'm tired. I will go and have break before evening session.

When I go the camp my shorts are toring even more, well at least cooling will work. I go for evening session little bit later than normally, I check spots I fished in the morning and then back to the latest spot. Cooling in my shorts works well.

Fish are still rising on same area, now there seems to be few less as some of them moved during the day. Wind is still there but now I anchor my boat on stump which is basically in perfect spot to cover the whole area. Fuck, why I didn't do that in afternoon. Some rises now and then, it is difficult to see those as waves are quite big. I concentrate on one spot as it seems that one fish is rising often there. I see it coming but couldn't see which way it went down. Light is getting less, I hear rise behind of me and turn, just 2 meters from boat couple was rising and they are gone.

Back to the that one fish, if it rise I make a shot, there is not really daylight anymore so it will be last change for today. Fish rises, I make a shot, no reaction... Back to the camp.

Last evening, my fishing shorts are in pieces. I decide to burn them. I do have one day left but I can do that with swimming shorts. And what exciting day it going to be.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika from Finland

Ps. have to start prepare lunch pack for guests and to the river!