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Teaching Again

Teaching Again

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Not easy to shift around the C-word these days. But it's exactly this what I am trying to do since it (the C-word) puts me in a bad mood.

Last weekend I finally went back into teaching fly casting. Of course I was asked immediately, if teaching right now wasn't extra difficult.

No, it went just fine as always.

I demonstrated all key movements, while the student watched me.

I explained all fly casting essentials, and the student listened.

I successfully guided the student thru my set of exercises.

So it was as always, learning by watching, listening and kinesthetic.

We couldn't cast together while I was guiding the student's hand or the other way round though. Also we needed to keep a distance of 1,5m constantly. Both wasn't any problem at all. The student and I were very satisfied with the whole outcome of the lesson.

Personally I realized how much I was missing to teach fly casting!

In general I believe that many people start getting sick when only staying home. I saw that happening to my grandma some years ago. The moment she had to stop riding her bycicle every day, she immediately got into a series of health issues coming along with (or probably caused by) a very bad mood.

I believe, that being happy is the best catalyst for our immune system. Much better than most medicine offered today. So I truly hope that we soon will move further back to what used to be our normal life. Because our normal life was fantastic, wasn't it!?

Oh, btw. some districs here in Germany were sending some anglers away from fishing on their local waters. Those anglers directly took the goverment to court and won. Angling is allowed in our home area as the court proved! I thought it was very nice how the anglers stood together and fought for what is right.

Hopefully you too can have some fly fishing activities or whatever you love to do most this week.

Healthy week to all of you!

All my best


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