Summer time = flower time

Summer time = flower time

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 9 July 2017

Like lars I also don't enjoy the hot temperatures and sadly my tying room is one of the warmest places in the house. So I moved out in the garden to tie flies, lucky me we don't have a lot wind here in Switzerland so the feathers aren't flying around. And there is another good point: I don't need any UV lamp :) the big yellow one outside is strong enough!

And while looking around in the garden I had the funny idea to tie some flowers... of course not for fishing, just for fun. And hey it was not as easy as I thought - but it was funn and they're looking quite good! 


Drying the UV resin in the sun is really helpfully - but only if you have a small peace of shaddow where you can handle Wink


And finally I got some feathers from Giovanni. A friend found him running around in a street, without any mark on his leg... so he didn't had a chance to find the owner. My friend decided to rescue him and bring it to me with the question: "do you need some flytying material?" 

Of course! But no, Giovanni didn't ended up in my flytying room (until now)! He is still alive and my friend brings me some feathers from time to time - only the ones he looses naturally. But how funny is that, if your friends drop by some living flytying material :)